Cataract Surgery Self-Auditing is Here with Index Health!

Cataract Surgery Image

Consider the following within the context of auditing your Cataract Surgery history. After examining a 63-year-old patient with a cataract, you discuss the option of surgery.

You include an obligatory statistic informing them of risk. You quote a statistic of 1/400 for the possibility of worse vision. Your patient recoils, exclaiming, “that seems a bit high!”

You now doubt yourself, and question your rate – can it really be that high?

You begin to suspect that your patient is questioning our ability as a surgeon. Do one in 400 of your patients really lose two or more lines of BCVA? Do some patients have a greater likelihood of BCVA loss? Can you identify them?

Are you able to provide a patient with a risk which is specific to their presentation? Is it acceptable to provide patients with a general figure, or can you provide them with a figure that relates to your surgery?

Is your complication rate improving?

We live in a era of data analysis – we have apps to track our heart rate, exercise, diet and sleep. We measure, and then we re-measure – with the aim of improving.

As surgeons, we take great pride in our work. But to improve we need to be able to objectively assess our progress. We are not in a competition. But without analysing our results, we cannot improve. Many of us look at audit as an onerous task, sifting through patient files and entering data into a spreadsheet. But it doesn’t need to be this way. Self-auditing can be a seamless part of your professional growth.

Index Health, in partnership with Best Practice Software, now have an integrated cataract surgery self-audit tool for Bp VIP.net.

When using our tool, your results will not be shared, your privacy will be maintained and we adhere to all Australian privacy laws.  Index Health with Best Practice Software can be seamlessly integrated into your Practice, with minimal changes to your workflow.

Start using our Index Health cataract surgery self-audit tool, and begin assessing your progress today.

For more information see the Index Health website or contact Index Health at ben@indexhealth.com.au

Best Practice releases Ruby version for Bp VIP.net users

Bp VIP.net update shines with financial system functionality enhancements

We’re proud to launch the Ruby release today for Bp VIP.net users, tailored specifically for specialist medical professionals in Australia and New Zealand.

A range of major enhancements have been implemented into the software including increased security around adding allergy records to patient’s medical records.

General Manager of Innovation & Development John Rayfield said he was pleased with the new release of Bp VIP.net.

“The Bp Vip.net Ruby release is packed full of enhancements. Our goal here at Best Practice is to make every user experience enjoyable and as seamless as possible through our continual evolution in producing up-to-date cutting-edge software.” Mr Rayfield said.

Other major functionalities include the New User Defined Fields to use in the Medical Desktop, meaning time between visits is now calculated in a new field, while Logged in User and Time of the created note can now be displayed on the Medical Desktop. The Bp Vip.net Ruby release will also include the following highlights:

  • Visual Acuities can now be recorded per right and left eye.
  • Changes to the Financial Summary to make it easier to read and track your clinics financial information.
  • A new report to show declined batches and invoices
  • The New Invoice Number – The invoice number now stays consistent through modifications making it much easier to track what has happened to an invoice.
  • Batching and Invoice Overpayment adjustment.
  • The new BpSMS services
  • The Email Log report and enhanced email functionality
  • The New Next Appointment Recall Function.

Please note that this release is not intended for Day Stay customers. We will be releasing a Ruby SP0 release for our valued Day Stay customers in the coming weeks.

Free training is available on the Ruby release. The Bp VIP.net Ruby Masterclass series includes FREE 45 minutes to one hour webinars from Tuesday 18th September to Thursday 20th September, with separate sessions on Administration, Financial and Medical. For more information visit Best Practice Software’s website.