How 2020 Updates to Australian MBS Items May Impact Bp Premier Customers

Bulk Billing Changes - Update to MBS Items in Bp Premier

From 1 January 2020, the rural classification system used to determine eligibility for Bulk Billing Incentives will change, resulting in MBS Item updates in Bp Premier. Bulk Billing Incentives encourage medical practitioners to provide bulk billed services to vulnerable patient groups, such as people with concession cards and children under 16 years of age in rural and remote areas.

The Modified Monash Model (MMM) 2019 has been updated to align with the latest available census data (2016).

The model was developed to better target health workforce programs to attract health professionals to more remote and smaller communities. The MMM classifies metropolitan, regional, rural and remote areas according to geographical remoteness, as defined by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), and town size.

This may impact practices who use the MBS Bulk Billing Incentives 10991, 64991 and 74991.

If a practice believes their classification may have changed, follow these steps;

1) Open this link:

2) Click on the Modified Monash Model 2019 box

3) Click on “Find Address and add your practices address” and add your address

4) Search your location.  Information will be visible advising your practices MMM region

Action if Your Practice Has Been Reclassified

If a practice has been reclassified and is not considered Rural or Remote (MMM 2 to 7), they will need to untick the ‘Rural/Remote Area’ checkbox in Setup > Practice details in Bp Premier.

Update to MBS Items in Bp Premier

For further information on the modified Monash Model or Rural Bulk Billing Incentives, please view the attachments below or visit

Modified Monash Model
Modified Monash Model Fact Sheet
Rural Bulk Billing Incentives
Bulk Billing Incentive Fact Sheet

New Dietary Education Sheets Added to Bp Premiere by Nutrition Plus

Dietary Education Sheets Added to Bp Premier

We’re excited to announce that our newest partner, Nutrition Plus Enterprises, has provided Bp Premier users with complimentary access to over 150 new dietary education fact sheets to benefit patients. 

Nutrition Plus is a team of dietitians who specialise in reproductive conditions, fertility, pregnancy, postpartum and paediatrics.

Dietitian and company founder, Melanie McGrice said, “for years the media has been asking health professionals what Australians could be doing about the rising rates of obesity, the diabetes epidemic and the soaring rates of food allergies. Now I have an answer!  Research has found that the food men and women eat leading up to conception, during pregnancy and breastfeeding, and what is fed to their little one in the first few years of life, all impact genetic programming.  By helping people to eat well during this 1000-day period, we can finally start reining in the tsunami of chronic disease.”

Unfortunately, many people eat worse than ever during this important time.  “The stress of trying to conceive or of being pregnant can cause people to turn to emotional eating,” McGrice explains.  Furthermore, lethargy and nausea caused by hormonal fluctuations when taking IVF medications or pregnancy can cause people to turn to highly processed, nutrient-poor junk foods.  “People think that if they’re taking a pregnancy supplement, they’ve got nutrition covered.  Supplements are there to complement a healthy diet, not to replace it”.

As part of their service offering, Nutrition Plus run free quarterly webinars focused on nutrition for fertility, pregnancy and postpartum care.  The next webinar in February 2020 will focus on the management of IBS during pregnancy.  Perth Dietitian, Christie Austine-Hore, who will be presenting the webinar explained, “rates of IBS increase during pregnancy, which can cause expectant mothers to cut out essential food groups and compromise their pregnancy nutrition.”

With over thirty specialised dietitians around Australia and New Zealand (and growing), their dietitians are the most qualified professionals to see when it comes to providing nutritional advice relating to fertility or pregnancy.  Nutrition Plus dietitians provide workshops, online programs and personalised consultations for patients who are trying to conceive, are pregnant or experiencing postpartum.

For more information see or to save a complimentary seat for the upcoming webinar, see Please note that spots are limited, so book early to ensure you don’t miss out.

Dietary Education Sheets Added to Bp Premier - Preview

Bp Premier Jade Service Pack 2 Update Released

Bp Premier Jade Service Pack 2 Update

We’re excited to announce that Bp Premier Jade Service Pack 2 has been released, which features numerous fixes and newly added functionality. Downloading and installing this update will help ensure your access to the most up to date program features and user functionality. This important update continues to provide Practices with more security and control over third-party vendor software solutions accessing your Bp Premier database. Third-party vendors are still being onboarded to the Bp Partner Network so Practices can grant access to their database via the configuration screen within Bp Premier.

The following additional improvements were made as part of this update:

  • Resolution of the freezing that occurred when Practices downloaded more than 100 SMS replies
  • Various improvements to reduce fatal memory-related errors throughout the software
  • The Patient Sex field was renamed to Birth Sex and expanded to include Gender Identity and Pronouns fields
  • Clinical enhancements to the INR Manager that shows who entered the information; Cervical screening summary text has more clarity; and Respiratory Function information includes Change reversibility
  • The issue of antenatal notes being removed from Today’s notes has been resolved
  • Improvements to the third-party integrations screen including setup, searching and general performance
  • New Nutrition Plus patient education icon and fact sheets within the Patient Education materials screen
  • Integration with the Best Health App

Action required:

You will need to download this program update in order to apply it to your version of the software. Download the Jade Service Pack 2 Program Update, selecting Resources / Bp Premier Downloads from the top menu. Expand the Program Updates Heading. Click on the Download button to start downloading the Update.
Please note the following prerequisites:

  • Bp Premier Summit or newer
  • July 2019 data update

Update instructions and release notes should be reviewed prior to installation and can be found here.

Please note, versions prior to Jade Service Pack 1 version will be phased out by 30th June 2020. With the public release of Bp Premier Jade Service Pack 2, Best Practice Software will be ceasing support of all versions prior to Jade Service Pack 1 from 30th June 2020.

Support is available:
For further information or advice on this notification, contact our Software Support team on 1300 40 1111 (in Australia), or 0800 40 1111 (in New Zealand), selecting Bp General Products at the menu.

Bp Premier Jade launched

Bp Premier Jade SP2

Our new release of popular general practice software Bp Premier – Jade –  has been launched today.

Our General Manager Innovation and Development, John Rayfield, said Jade includes Clinical and Management improvements that will benefit Practices.

“We are very pleased to launch Bp Premier Jade today, with some great new Clinical features including updated BMI calculators, Asthma Care improvements and My Health Record feature enhancements” Mr Rayfield said. “As always, we are committed to continual improvement to Management features as well; and Jade includes enhancements in Appointment Reporting, Multi-location customised layouts and ePIP reporting”.

Bp Premier Jade Snapshot

Clinical Improvements

Improved BMI calculators – Clinicians have access to BMI calculators for patients older than 2 years old including a percentile chart for children and teenagers. The previous Percentile Charts have been updated and enhanced to meet national recommendations.

Asthma Care improvements – Asthma-related enhancements include updating the Asthma Action plan and Symptom sheet, along with a spirometry compliance check.

My Health Record feature improvements – As patients now have the ability to opt out of and/or delete their My Health Record, their status will be regularly checked and the My Health Record button in the patient record will be deactivated if detected.

Management improvements

Improved appointment information – Practice Managers and Administrative Staff can now view valuable patient appointment information from the Follow Up Inbox including location, patient name (if you include family members), type, length and other options.

Multi-location improvements – Practices that operate across locations can create customised location layouts. In the word processor, you can now create location letterheads and include location specific information such as ABN and address fields. The Location ABN information will display on invoices and receipts. Text from PDF documents can now be copied and pasted into the word processor, as well.

ePIP reporting improvements – To assist with ePIP reporting, the Shared Health Summary report identifies the location of the clinician where it was uploaded.

CommBank Health Claim- Provides integrated Easy Claim and Overseas Student Claiming capabilities for Commonwealth Bank customers.

Bp Premier customers can upgrade to Jade directly from the Best Practice website:

For more details on Bp Premier email: or phone 1300 40 1111 (Option 1, then Option 2).

Bp Premier Indigo Service Pack 1 launched today

Best Practice Software’s new release of our popular general practice software Bp Premier – Indigo Service Pack 1 (SP1), has been launched today. Bp’s General Manager Innovation and Development, John Rayfield, said Indigo SP1 includes significant enhancements to electronic communications; including consent options and patient enrolment features, and Bp SMS functionalities to Bp Premier. “We are very pleased to launch Bp Premier Indigo SP1 today, with many management and clinical changes that will benefit general practice around Australia” Mr Rayfield said. “We have created some invaluable supporting material to help our customers navigate our latest release, including Quick Reference Guides, Videos and updates to our ever popular Bp Premier Knowledge Base” Mr Rayfield said. Be Premier Indigo SP1 Snapshot Enhanced Bp Comms consent and enrolment
  • As part of the enhanced Bp Comms feature, Practices must choose which electronic communication consent options they want to implement in their practice as this determines what is available for the individual patients to consent to
  • Patients must consent to the additional clinical-related consent options and either go through a 2-stage mobile number verification process or 1-stage enrolment.  (All this will be explained in the resource material).
Enhanced SMS functionality
  • The ability to directly SMS patients from the Inbox
  • Be able to send a SMS directly from the Patient record
  • Follow-up of patient results will be made easier with the inclusion of the Bp SMS feature available in the Follow up Inbox
  • Reminders can now be sent to consented patients using Bp SMS
  • Database (Utilities) Search – utilise Bp Premier’s inbuilt search tool to identify groups of patients and contact them using the Bp SMS service
  • Default templates are available for each type of message
Contact notes
  • The ability to record a note for all electronic communications with a patient
  • All messages to an individual patient can be viewed from Patient demographics and the Patient clinical record
  • All messages sent to all patients can be viewed from the main Bp screen (used to check for failed messages)
Access to additional Provider directories
  • HealthLink online directory
  • HealthShare referral directory
  • Integrates with the SafeScript real time prescription monitoring project (Victoria only)
Bp Premier customers can upgrade to Indigo SP1 directly from the Best Practice website: Resource materials will also be sent to every customer in the coming weeks. For more details on Bp Premier email: or phone 1300 40 1111 (Option 1, then Option 2) or visit:

HealthShare and Best Practice to deliver integrated practitioner directory inside Bp Premier Indigo SP1

Leading clinical and management software provider Best Practice Software has announced an expanded partnership with digital health company, HealthShare, to deliver an integrated practitioner directory in its upcoming Bp Premier Indigo SP1 version. Bp Premier customers will have free access to HealthShare’s Referrals directory, with the additional option for GPs to make it their default address book for writing referrals inside Bp Premier. The directory has been available to Bp Premier customers as a non-integrated version since 2014. HealthShare’s directory includes comprehensive and up-to-date information about private practising specialists and allied health practitioners, including detailed information about a practitioner’s specialty, sub-specialties, special interest areas, practice locations, hospital affiliations, languages spoken and bio. The new integrated directory will simplify the process of finding a practitioner for GPs, freeing up time for the delivery of care. In addition, the directory allows GPs to search for specialists who participate in “No Gap” and “Known Gap” arrangements, with 30 private health insurers including HCF, Medibank and the member funds of the Australian Health Service Alliance and the Australian Regional Health Group. In a recent survey conducted by HealthShare, over 80% of GPs said having access to health fund Gap scheme participation data helps them make a better referral decision for their patients. Speaking on the partnership, Dr Frank Pyefinch, CEO of Best Practice Software, said HealthShare’s provider directory has been a widely used resource amongst our user community and I am thrilled we can now offer this solution seamlessly as part of our Indigo SP1 release.” “For practice administration staff, using HealthShare’s directory can also reduce their workload as they no longer need to maintain their own healthcare practitioner address book,” Dr Pyefinch added. HealthShare CEO, Rami Weiss, said, “We have had an excellent partnership with Best Practice since integrating our FactSheets patient and doctor education tool inside their software several years ago. It is exciting to expand this partnership to further help streamline clinical workflows for their GP users and practice staff.”

Bp Premier – Indigo launched today

Best Practice Software’s new release of our popular general practice software Bp Premier, has been launched today (3pm Thursday 14th June, 2018). Best Practice Software’s General Manager Innovation and Development, John Rayfield, said Indigo includes significant Management and Clinical enhancements to Bp Premier. “We are very pleased to launch Bp Premier Indigo today, with many management and clinical changes that will benefit general practice around Australia” Mr Rayfield said. Bp Premier customers can download Indigo directly from the Best Practice website. Discs and resource material will also be sent to every customer in the coming weeks. “We have created some invaluable supporting material to help our customers navigate our latest release, including Quick Reference Guides, Videos and updates to our ever popular Bp Premier Knowledge Base” Mr Rayfield said. “We have also been conducting free Bp Masterclass webinar sessions, with two more scheduled for tomorrow (Friday 15th June). Book here. And for those who can’t attend, our Bp Learning page features video versions of the popular webinars, available here“. Be Premier Indigo Snapshot The Management changes include:
  • The introduction of Tyro Bulk Billing
  • Additional support for Multi-Location Sites
  • Improvements to the Medicare Online Module, assisting practices with batch reconciliation processes
  • New Reports
  • Work Cover QLD Automated Invoicing Process
The Clinical changes include:
  • Domestic Violence Section has been added to the Family and Social History Screen
  • Improvements to the National Inpatient Medication Chart
  • Inclusion of the AUDIT-C Tool, a three-item alcohol screen that can help identify persons who are hazardous drinkers
  • Graphing Functionality has been added to the inbox to produce graphs for combined data of inbox values and atomised values
  • A Progress Note will be added when sending correspondence
  • Addition of a new Subpoena Tool to assist with providing complete & accurate records when requested
  • Date created and last modified dates included in the Patient Demographics, Family & Social History and Appointment screens
  • Ability to view deleted consultations from the Clinical Record
  • Emergency access to Confidential Material within the Patients Clinical Record via a secure password
  • Enhancements to the My Health Record functionality
  • Enhancements to the Reminder Workflows, including the ability to record a comment against Reminders and flag Reminders as being ‘Clinically Significant’
Other changes:
  • Improvements to the Patient Import/Export Functionality Tool

Bp launches Masterclasses for Bp Premier Indigo Release

Best Practice Software has announced free training sessions for the imminent release of Bp Premier Indigo, which is in its final stages of testing with a group of Release Candidates currently putting it through its paces. Free online Bp Masterclasses are now underway and will run through until 7th June. They will take users through improved features to the Software, both across the Clinical and Management modules, including exciting changes to the Reminder screen. Best Practice Software Chief Operating Officer Craig Hodges says there are many new features for users to learn. “We’ve enhanced the functionality of reminders to allow you to write in free text comments and create a Reminder type to group your Reminders together. There’s also added fields to allow for a default interval of days and even changed the Reminder function to allow clinics to differentiate between Clinically Significant and Preventive Health Reminders.” Mr Hodges said. Other major enhancements include the Subpoena Patient Export tool, My Health Record, Patient record import and export, confidential material, Tyro Bulk billing, Improved Medicare workflows, Improved support for Multi-location sites and much more. Register for Bp’s FREE online Bp Premier – Indigo Masterclasses here or email an enquiry to our training team:

After-hours healthcare changes included in Bp Data Update

Bp Premier users will see an easy transition to the new after-hours healthcare guidelines with the changes included in the latest March Data Update. As of 1st March 2018, the Federal Government made changes to Medicare rebates introducing differential rebates for doctors providing urgent after hours care who are vocationally registered and on a pathway of Fellowship. Announced by the Federal Minister for Health in December 2017, the changes are designed to better reflect the level of doctors’ qualification and patients will therefore receive more financial support for after-hours visits provided by qualified doctors. To receive Best Practice Software Data Update notifications, please ensure we have your correct contact details. Call our team on 1300 40 1111 in Australia or 0800 40 1111 in New Zealand.   For more information on the Evolution of Best Practice and the Healthcare IT community, subscribe to our monthly newsletter here. For further detailed information regarding the Australia wide changes, visit the RACGP website.