Bp Comms and Electronic Prescribing – A Perfect Match!

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Want Some Great News?

The Department of Health (DoH) has announced an extension to their SMS subsidy funding for the electronic prescribing program until 2022!

So this means your practice can begin using eScripts and the costs will be reimbursed by the DoH. How exciting!

But, before you jump straight in, there is one very important step required to use electronic prescribing. Practices wanting to use the electronic prescribing program will need to sign up for Bp Comms to enable the functionality in Bp Premier.

What is Bp Comms?

If you’re new to Bp Comms, it combines the benefits of using Bp SMS and the Best Health App. Bp SMS has many features that will save you time and money:

  • Seamless integration into Bp Premier
  • Send Clinical Reminders effortlessly **
  • Send other clinical-related communications directly from the Inbox, Patient Record and Follow-Up Inbox **
  • Appointment reminders and replies to reduce “patient no shows”
  • Simple and easy to use functionality, whether sending single customised messages or bulk communications
  • Dedicated number available in Bp SMS, so patients can save it in their phone for ease of future use (applies to appointment reminders only)

** Available in Indigo SP1 or higher

How Do I Get Started?

It’s easy. Contact the friendly Best Practice sales team either by phone 1300 401 111 or email sales@bpsoftware.net to sign you up and enable Bp Comms and electronic prescribing at your practice.

Our team will take you through the process of signing up and purchasing Bp Comms credits to get started.

Bp Comms credits are flexible, tiered messaging packs with pricing starting from as low as 8 cents per message. The best part is that Bp SMS doesn’t have any subscription or annual fees! Bp Comms credits also never expire – so you’ll never find yourself in a position where you’re rushing to use your remaining messages!

There are a few steps to setting up Bp Comms and electronic prescribing for the first time in Bp Premier, but we’ve got you covered with full step-by-step articles on our Knowledge Base and Video Library

Where To From There?

Once you have Bp Comms enabled and your credits verified in your system, you can start setting up electronic prescribing. Be sure you don’t miss a step by accessing the suite of instructions on the Knowledge Base, which you can access from within Bp Premier by selecting Help > Online.

  1. Set up a Prescription Exchange Service (PES)

Whether it’s eRx or MediSecure, you will need to register and install a Prescription Exchange Service in Bp Premier.

  1. Enable Electronic Prescribing in Configuration

Follow our suite of enablement materials to configure eScript for your practice and doctors.

  1. Record Patient and Prescriber Information

Ensure each doctor’s prescribing details are recorded and set their preference to enable eScripts.

Record patient consent to receive eScripts in the Patient Demographic.

  1. Set the Patient’s Preferred Token Method

Lastly, confirm how the patient would like to receive their eScript token, whether by SMS, email or paper token.

Once you’ve completed these steps, you’re ready to start sending your eScripts!

*Conditions apply. Please refer to PBS for pharmacists – Electronic prescription fee – Services Australia for further information.

Additional Resources

Knowledge Base

Further information can be found on our Knowledge Base, which you can access from within Bp Premier by selecting Help > Online. Use the following search terms for relevant documentation on Bp Comms and Electronic Prescribing:

  • Set Up eRx Script Exchange
  • Electronic Prescribing
  • Frequently Asked Questions from Electronic Prescribing Masterclass

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Belinda Bazant
Training Content Developer at Best Practice Software

Spring Has Sprung – It’s Time For a Security Spring Clean!

Security Spring Cleaning Blog Article Image

Is It Time For a Security Spring Clean In Your Practice?

In 2019, Best Practice Software introduced the Bp Partner Network. The number one driver for this initiative was to improve secure access to Bp Software databases at our customer’s practices – for their safety and security and in turn, for the safety and privacy of their patients.

Since 2019, we have onboarded over 100 integrated third-party software solution vendors as Partners and we have worked hard to ensure they are businesses with appropriate privacy policies in place. Furthermore, Best Practice Software has activated role-based secure access mechanisms to ensure onboarded Partners only access the data and tables necessary to fulfill their permitted purpose. That is, they don’t have access to data, tables or write-back stored procedures not relevant to the task they perform.

How To Configure a Third-Party Integration At Your Practice:

  1. Open Bp Premier.
  2. From the main screen navigate to Setup > Configuration. The Configuration window appears.
  3. Click Database from the left hand menu and then the Setup third-party integrations button. The Setup third-party integrations window appears.
  4. Use the Search for text box to find the third-party provider.
  5. Check the box next to the third-party provider.
  6. Click Save. The third-party software will now be able to connect to the Bp Database.
Security Spring Clean Image

Do You Have Third-Party Applications No Longer In Use?

Have you changed third-party providers through the year?

Take a moment to deep clean your third-party applications with a security spring clean! To maintain the highest level of security and performance, it is just as important to off-board third-party applications no longer in use. If you are not sure what an application is or does, please check in with your IT provider or System Administrator first as they may have configured the integration for the practice.

You can offboard applications by revisiting the configuration process outlined above, offboard unused Partner applications by unticking the Partner applications no longer in use and press save. Please also consider removing the un-used software from the workstation and/or server.  Your IT provider or System Administrator should be able to assist you with this.

Want To Learn How to Add Value To Your Practice Through Integrated Third-Party Applications?

For a comprehensive list of approved Bp Partners, including insights into the Product and Services they provide, visit the Bp Partner Network website.

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Monica Reed
Commercial Partnership Leader at Best Practice Software

So You Have to Call Bp Support…

Call Bp Support Blog Image

So an issue has occurred with Bp Premier, and you need to call Best Practice Software Support. Our Support team will always open with a standard set of questions when you first call, to identify your practice. Further questions will try to pinpoint which Bp Premier function was in use at the time of error, and what the user was doing.

Before you call Bp Support, there are some things you can do so you have the information Support need ready to go, including grabbing some Bp Premier and Windows log files ready to email. This can really help reduce resolution times and get your practice running again.

Mandatory Information

Support will always ask for the following information first, to ensure that we are speaking with a genuine contact at your practice:

  • The contact’s full name
  • The contact’s Job Role and contact details at the practice, including best telephone number and email address
  • Site ID
  • Version of Bp Premier installed

Select Help > About in the software to find out your Site ID and the Bp Premier version. If you click System Info in the same screen, you can also see a lot more information about the database and operating system that Support might ask about.

Running an Older Version?

If you are running a version of Bp Premier that is older than the current version (Saffron Service Pack 1), the issue may have been resolved in a later version. Select Help > Online to open the Bp Premier Knowledge Base and search for ‘known issues’ to run an eye over the most recent known issues.

Best Practice Software understands that upgrading must be planned around your practice hours and often involves expenses such as IT support. However, upgrading often is one of the best ways to resolve issues that occur, particularly performance-related issues, and also ensures your practice is up to date with the most recent developments in the industry, such as Electronic Prescribing and Active Ingredient Prescribing.

Help Us Help You

Support will ask different questions based on which function was being used when the error was generated. The areas we tend to drill down on are:

  • The database or your whole practice
  • The word processor
  • The patient clinical record
  • Check for payments and online claiming
  • The appointment book

You are likely to be asked some common questions around recent configuration activity, and the size and type of the error:

  • Have you recently run a Program Upgrade or Data Update, and if so, which one?
  • Roughly how many users were logged in when you saw the error? About the same number as logged in on a typical practice day?
  • Do you know how many patient records were open at the time?
  • Do you know how many providers your appointment book page was set to show?
  • Have you taken a screenshot of the error, if there is a Bp or Windows error message?

For a more detailed guide on what sort of information would be useful to Support based on which part of Bp Premier you were in, select Help > Online to open the Bp Premier Knowledge Base and search for ‘call support’. Our guide Managing general errors provides more information on how we drill down to identify the issue. This guide also contains resolution actions for some general issues that have been recently identified.

Gathering Logs

Bp Premier and Windows logs are invaluable to our Support team in identifying the issue. The good news is that you absolutely don’t have to be a technical wizard to get these!

This Support Guidance article explains how to download a utility that automatically extracts Bp Premier’s logs. Download the utility on the server or workstation causing the problem, run the utility, tick the items as indicated in the article, and you have a ZIP file ready to send!

This Support Guidance article explains how to obtain relevant Windows system logs that give our Support team more information about what was going on at the time of error. The instructions are very easy for anyone to follow, but your Windows user account does need permission to access the Windows Event Viewer, which may not be granted to all users. Follow the instructions on the server or workstation generating the error and you’ll get three sets of log files, which can zip up ready for emailing.

Tips for Memory Management

Finally, Support have come up with a set of recommendations for good memory housekeeping that will help prevent slowness and ‘out of memory’ issues. Just a few small daily actions can keep Bp Premier running and avoid the risk of data loss due to records closing prematurely:

  • When you save a document you know will be imported into Bp Premier, change the document format to TIFF file type rather than PDF. TIFF files (also known as TIF or .tif) utilise much less virtual memory than PDF files when stored and opened in Bp Premier.
  • Set the default document view for PDFs in the document viewer to Fit to Height.  
  • Larger PDFs of several MBs in size can be opened externally from the document viewer. This will normally open the PDF in a browser or Adobe Acrobat viewer.
  • Don’t open PDF reports in the Dr’s Inbox in the Document Viewer by double-clicking the file in the inbox.
  • Close open documents in the document viewer that no longer need to be open.
  • Shut down Bp Premier completely at the end of each day, and restart the next morning. If crashes or errors continue to occur, try closing and re-opening Bp Premier on the affected computer once throughout the day, for example, at the start or end of a lunch break.

For more information around memory housekeeping and Bp Premier, select Help > Online to open the Knowledge Base and search for ‘memory’.

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Jay Rose
Lead Technical & Content Writer at Best Practice Software

Bp Premier Saffron SP2! Sneak Peek of Features & Enhancements

Bp_Blog_Saffron SP2 Sneak Peak

We’re getting closer to the release of Bp Premier Saffron SP2, and what a release it’s going to be! With the ever-changing health landscape bringing so many mandated industry changes in the past 18 months, the team here at Best Practice Software have focused on bringing you a build jam-packed with new features and enhancements, based on feedback from our practices. 

Some of these features will not only save you time but improve efficiencies within your practice. We’re not without a couple of mandated changes though! Saffron SP2 will introduce components of Medicare Web Services to our Bp Premier users, in plenty of time before the 13th of March 2022 deadline. It is a big change, so for the release of Saffron SP2, we’ve split the content into two separate webinars.

Introducing Saffron SP2: Medicare Web Services Preparation, is for Practice Managers, owners, or any other authorised representatives who have not yet taken the steps to prepare for Services Australia’s adaptor technology upgrade. The webinar will focus on those key preparation steps, and will delve into more detail around the registration and extension of your B2B device/s. We’ll also take a look at the minor interface changes you might see in Bp Premier.
The information session will be followed by a Q&A in which we can address any questions you may have as you prepare for this change.

Introducing Saffron SP2: Features and Enhancements, is for all users of Bp Premier and concentrates on the new features and enhancements being introduced as part of Saffron SP2.

Interested in what some of these features are? We do have a sneak peek for you:

  • Security enhancements – force password change next log in
  • Optional removal of the Medicare expiry date alert
  • Configurable visit types
  • Recurrent appointment changes for COVID-19 vaccinations
  • Verification of Concession Eligibility (in conjunction with Medicare Web Services)
  • Medicare Web Services interface changes (PRODA, OPV and Claiming- AIR to be released Dec 2021)
  • Ability to attached Pin Protected PDF documents to outgoing emails
  • New PDF viewing tools
  • Inclusion of DASS21 assessment tool
  • Improved access to HealthLink smart forms
  • Business name inclusion for individual Doctors
  • AHPRA numbers can be added to invoices
  • Workflow improvements for restoring production data to a test server
  • Inclusion of Cervical Screening Risk Category
  • Improvements to the prescribing workflow to include duration
  • And plenty more…

Registrations are now open for both webinars; Click here to register for Introducing Saffron SP2: Medicare Web Services preparation, or click here to register for Introducing Saffron SP2: Features and Enhancements.

Customers are welcome to attend both webinars, should you need to, and if you or your staff can’t attend the live sessions we will be uploading a recording to our Bp Learning Video Library.

All Masterclass registrants will also receive copies of these recorded sessions, whether you attended or not, so we do encourage you to register. 

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Suzi Eley
 Product, Training, Knowledge and Deployment Team Leader at Best Practice Software

Real Time Prescription Monitoring – An Important Update

Bp Blog Header Image ePrescribing Update

Real Time Prescription Monitoring (RTPM) is a clinical tool providing real-time monitored medicines prescription information for prescribers and pharmacists to support safer clinical decision-making.

The use of a Real Time Prescription Monitoring tool is mandatory in some states and it is important to check your state-based legislation to ensure you are complying with any requirements. Currently, RTPM is available for Victorian and South Australian users of Bp Premier, with other states expected to come on board within the next 12-18 months.

To access RTPM in an enabled state, users must be registered for eRx or MediSecure and have the functionality enabled via the User Preferences window as per below:

For further information about configuring RTPM at your Practice, visit the Bp Premier Knowledge Base.

Authored by:

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Jess White
Technical Writer at Best Practice Software

Advantages vs. Disadvantages of Electronic Prescribing

Advantages of the ePrescription Switch Blog HeaderAdvantages of the ePrescription Switch Blog Header

With nearly half the country experiencing snap or prolonged lockdowns and with widespread telehealth use, electronic prescriptions (ePrescriptions) have simplified the prescribing of medications for thousands of Doctors across Australia.  If you are not already using it, now is the time to visit this important change with your Practice Manager.

ePrescriptions are legal medication prescriptions that are electronically and securely transmitted to a prescription exchange service (Bp Premier is integrated with both eRx and MediSecure). A QR code token to access the ePrescription is sent to the patient by Best Practice Software via SMS or email. The ePrescription can then be downloaded from the exchange server by a pharmacist upon scanning the QR code token from the patient. ePrescriptions can be used for all prescription types including S8 and authority medications.

The Advantages:

  • Convenience – Removes the need for paper prescriptions and therefore the need for the patient to physically come to the practice.

  • Cost reduction – of mailing the original prescription to the pharmacy

  • Safety of medicines – especially if used in conjunction with prescription management apps

  • Presently there is no cost associated with sending the SMS tokens until June 2022 due to government subsidies.

The Disadvantages:

  • Following the conclusion of the governments SMS token subsidy in June 2022, there will be a cost to clinics associated with ePrescriptions

  • Patients can easily delete their prescriptions on their phone messages or emails, thereby needing to reissue prescriptions

What is needed to set up ePrescribing

  • Ensure your practice has a Healthcare Provider Identifier-Organisation (HPI-O) and is connected to the Health Identifiers Service.

  • Patient Health identifier and verification – ensure you have the patient’s consent to access this data.

  • Contact local pharmacies to ensure they can accept ePrescriptions. Currently > 98% pharmacies in Australia are capable of providing this service.

  • Ensure your patient is comfortable with using their phone or email to receive the QR code and understands the process. It is important to make it clear that once an electronic prescription is issued, all subsequent repeats are also issued electronically by the pharmacy.

It is important to note that a patient can either have an ePrescription OR a paper-based prescription for a medication (not both). If you have issued an ePrescription, and the patient requests a paper-based prescription, then the ePrescription will need to be cancelled first. This can be done by selecting the script in the “Past prescriptions” list or “Current Rx list” and selecting Delete.
If the patient has deleted the token or lost their phone, then the ePrescription can be re-sent from the Past Prescriptions list, using the re-print function.

If the patient has deleted the token or lost their phone, then the ePrescription will need to be canceled as described above and then reissued.

If you are interested to know more about how ePrescriptions work, you can access our training resources online here

There is also an RACGP video (CPD activity) about electronic prescriptions which you can view here

Extension of ePrescription SMS Funding
The funding of SMS ePrescriptions has been extended until the 30th of June 2022. This means you can continue to send electronic prescriptions to your Patients, with no additional cost to your Practice. Best Practice Software will also continue to provide ePrescription messages sent via our Best Health App, free of charge for all Best Health App customers (not funded by the Department of Health).

Image-Based Prescriptions
The Australian Department of Health has extended arrangements for image-based prescriptions until December 31st 2021. Image-based prescriptions allow Doctors to email, text or fax a digital image of a paper script to the patient’s pharmacy, without needing to supply a physical copy of the prescription.

We still encourage all Prescribers to adopt ePrescriptions to ensure you can continue to safely provide Patient Prescriptions electronically post December 31st 2021.


Authored by:

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Jess White
Technical Writer at Best Practice Software

Pre-release Enablement Material for Medicare Web Services

Bp_Blog_Material for Medicare Web Services

Pre-release enablement material for Medicare Web Services has been a key focus for our Training team in the lead-up to the last quarter release of our Medicare Web Services compliant build of Bp Premier, Saffron SP2.

We highly encourage you to share the following pre-release enablement material for Medicare Web Services with staff at your practice.

Medicare Web Services is Coming! Article

This article written by Jess White provides an overview of Medicare Web Services, what is changing, and what it means for your practice. Please share on social media, with staff and those in your network.

Introduction to Medicare Web Services Video

This succinct, 5-minute video developed by our Training team provides a helpful introduction to Medicare Web Services and PRODA. Please share this helpful video on your social media channels and with patients.

4 Steps That You Can Complete Now

The following steps, sent to Bp Premier users, can be completed now in PRODA:

Each of these steps were turned into multimedia clips using steps provided by Services Australia on their website. You can view these clips via the button below.

Preparing for Medicare Web Services Article

This article written by Suzi Eley summarised many of the preparatory steps for Medicare Web Services ahead of the March 2022 launch. Please share on social media, with staff and those in your network.

Medicare Web Services and PRODA Webinar

This free, 1-hour webinar is an education and informative precurser to the release of Bp Premier Saffron SP2, due in the last quarter of 2021. Please share this helpful video on your social media channels and with patients.

Medicare Web Services FAQs

We’ve collated a list of questions and answers from each of our three webinar sessions, and they’re available to read below. 

Is There Something Else We Can Help With?

If you require further assistance in preparing for Medicare Web Services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch below!

Video: Preparing for Medicare Web Services

Bp_Blog_Video - Bp Premier Medicare Web Services

This BeInTheKnow Medicare Web Services webinar introduces incoming services to our Bp Premier users before their release in March 2022.

It is intended as a precursor to the release of Saffron Sp2 in the last quarter of 2021.

The webinar will cover the following topics:
(Drag the progress bar in the video below to jump to a specific section)

– What is Medicare Web Services [4:32]
– What are the benefits of Medicare Web Services? [07:27]
– What is PRODA? [10:07]
– How can I prepare now? [11:21]
– What if I get stuck? [16:45]
– What is going to happen next? [17:52]
– Q&A [31:17]

Favourites in Bp Premier – How Many Do You Use?

Favourites in Bp Premier Blog Image

Favourites in Bp Premier offer users a wide range of time-saving features, and it’s an area that I personally take a lot of pride in teaching. 

We understand medical Practices are busy, and we try to emphasise all the ways your Practice can save time when training users in Bp Premier. While this may be a little too difficult to convey in a single article, today I’d like to focus on a smaller topic – Favourites.

In the next few sections, I’m going to outline the areas in Bp Premier where you can use the Favourites functionality to your advantage.

Ordering Pathology

Users can create a list of favourite tests to use when ordering pathology. Simply navigate to the ‘Setup Favourites’ option on the left side of the window, and don’t forget that you’ll need to setup favourites for each pathology provider!

Favourites in Bp Premier Ordering Pathology


One of the most popular favourites in Bp Premier is in the New Prescription Wizard. After searching for a medication, click the ‘Add to Favourites’ button on the left-hand side. You can find your list of favourites at the top of screen by toggling the ‘Favourites’ radio button.


Your template favourites are listed at the bottom left of the word processor template. Simply click the ‘Add’ button to populate this list.

Favourites in Bp Premier Templates

Fact Sheets

One of the best features of using Healthshare Fact Sheets is your ability to add a list of favourites so you don’t need to search every time you use one! You can find your list of favourites by toggling the ‘Favourites’ radio button at the top right of screen.

Favourites in Bp Premier Fact Sheets

Past Medical History

While less commonly used, conditions can be added to your Past Medical History favourites. If you decide to use this feature, why not load your favourites list every time you use this feature? Simply navigate to your user preferences and tick the ‘Load PMH favourites on opening New PHM window’ under the Clinical option.

Favourites in Bp Premier Medical History Screenshot


For those Practices who have started using eOrdering, eOrdering labs can configure a set of ‘generic’ favourite tests that can be applied to all doctors through the Bp Premier eOrdering portal. Don’t worry, doctor-specific favourite lists are still available if required!

Remember that Favourites in Bp Premier are specific to each user profile, so you don’t need to worry about changing someone else’s favourites list when you start using them. 

For more information on Favourites, check out our Knowledge Base from within Bp Premier, which you can access by selecting Help > Online.

For more tips on improving your efficiency within Bp Premier, explore this article contributed by guest author Dr Stephen Jelbart.

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Matthew Smith
Training & Deployment Specialist at Best Practice Software

Asthma Templates in Bp Premier – Now Available!

Asthma Templates in Bp Premier

We recently partnered with Asthma Australia to develop two asthma templates in Bp Premier, which are now available to your Practice for free. The Asthma Australia Referral and Asthma Action Plan are templates that GPs can populate with patient information from within Bp Premier. 

Asthma Australia Referral

Asthma templates in bp premier - asthma australia referral

Keep your asthma patients on track between visits with free telephone support. 

Refer your patients over three years old to Asthma Australia, and they will receive free support from trained Asthma Educators via the 1800 ASTHMA phone service. This service aims to work with the referrer to achieve improved asthma control in patients by providing additional evidence-based asthma self-management education and support. 

Referring is quick, easy and secure. 

Select the template from Bp Premier and send by Secure Message: HealthLink (asthmaus) or Fax (07 3257 1080). 

Asthma Action Plan

Asthma templates in bp premier - asthma action plan

Every person with asthma should have an Asthma Action Plan.

They are an efficient self-management tool and their effectiveness in reducing the risk of emergency complications is well established.

The Asthma Australia Asthma Action Plan is available as a template within Bp Premier, facilitating the process of reviewing and updating plans at least annually, to ensure patients are maintaining their asthma control between visits.

Both of these templates are resources that health professionals can utilise to assist people living with asthma, providing them with tools to be proactive in managing their symptoms, and reducing the severity of complications. Asthma Australia is a for-purpose consumer organisation with a history of improving the lives of people living with asthma. For more information on Asthma Australia, visit asthma.org.au.