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HealthLink Technologies:

  • HealthLink Messaging System
    End to end encryption, payload validation and Australia’s largest interoperable secure messaging networking.
  • HealthLink Provider Directory
    Australia’s largest interoperable secure messaging network also comes with Australia’s first integrated FHIR federated provider directory.
  • HealthLink Smart Forms
    Integrated, complete and real time. With SmartForms you can get back to caring for your patients knowing the whole referral got to where it needed to.

FREE for Australian GPs
HealthLink is cost-free for Australian General Practice, which includes technical support relating to the features of your Practice Software. With HealthLink you can easily receive Radiology and Pathology Lab Reports, Specialist Reports, Patient Updates, Discharge and Event Summaries, and send Referrals and Assessments.

Seamless and Reliable
Through our smart software partnerships, Australia’s General Practices often don’t realise they’re using HealthLink as part of their everyday business operation.  It works reliably in the background with no logins or separate registrations required, enabling doctors to communicate securely and efficiently with each other.

Easily access directories from your practice system
HealthLink knows how much of a burden maintaining your local address book for secure messaging communications is.  That’s why we have worked with the two leading clinical systems for general practice on integrating the Online Federated FHIR provider directory directly into your local address book.

Largest secure messaging exchange network across Australia
Over 60,000 General and Specialist Practitioners, and 1,300 Pathology, Radiology, Hospital and Healthcare Services are actively using the HealthLink network each and every day.

Tightly integrated into your system
We integrate directly into more GP clinical software systems than any other provider, and offer no charge for GPs to register, install, and start using.

Standards based interoperability to future proof messaging
HealthLink supports HL7 messaging and is interoperable with Telstra Health’s Argus SMD Network and Global Health’s ReferralNet SMD Network using your Practice Health Service Identifier (HPI-O) and associated NASH certificate.