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Heidi is a digital healthcare platform that enables patients to start their visit digitally, streamlining and simplifying the process for GPs, allowing them to spend more time with their patients in person. Supported by Heidi’s AI, it automatically drafts notes, provides a second opinion to assist in clinical decision-making and automates preventative follow-up with gold standard guidelines. Heidi is a platform that sees the GP at the centre of a patient’s health. 

Developed by a team of doctors, designers and engineers trying to eliminate missed and delayed diagnosis in the world. The team at Heidi are passionate about bridging the gap between the care experience patients want, and the care GPs can provide with resource limitations. This is why they built Heidi, a platform where patients access the care they need rapidly and easily while providing every doctor the tools they need to deliver modern care that is safe, productive and deeply satisfying.

What can Heidi do?
  • Dedicated clinic patient app to manage bookings, payments and documentation
  • Conduct chat and telehealth consultations
  • Automate patient intake
  • Draft notes for appointments
  • Provides a second opinion to support all clinical decision-making
  • Automate patient follow-up in line with standard guidelines

“Patients have come to expect a more convenient method of accessing medical care outside of simple, face-to-face, consults. But they still crave and deserve a quality relationship with a family doctor they can trust.
This is where General practice needs to continue to evolve so we can maintain that trusting and long-term relationships with our patients in a way that’s both clinically safe, but also accessible and convenient for all our patient groups. Heidi helps to bridge the gap and was a great off-the-shelf solution to immediately start delivering that level of care.”
– Dr. Max Mollenkopf – Clinic Partner Practice Owner & GP

Heidi integrates seamlessly with Bp Premier.
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Web: www.heidihealth.com.au | Email: hello@heidihealth.com.au | Address: 10/49 Smith Street, Fitzroy, VIC