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Inca – Bp Premier

Risk Stratification Tool – Bp Premier

MediTracker – Bp Premier

Precedence Health Care (PHC) has been developing solutions for integrated care planning and chronic disease management for 12 years.

Short for integrated care, Inca is PHC’s flagship product. Utilized by hundreds of general practices and headquartered in Melbourne, PHC provides streamlined integrated care plans through its centralized online platform, Inca. PHC’s collaborative products connect the multidisciplinary team, resulting in greater efficiencies in service delivery and improved patient outcomes.

Inca supports a patient-centred, GP-led model of care, with a focus on integrated, shared care of patients experiencing chronic or complex conditions.

Inca supports integrated care by:

  • Encouraging collaboration between the multidisciplinary team. Inca allows the care team to communicate and share information quickly, easily and securely.
  • Streamlining Medicare-compliant assessment and care plan implementation – guiding you through prepared templates (with automated pre-filling), task allocation, automated reminders, activity tracking and sharing of clinical records.
  • Patients are placed at the centre of care through shared decision making, by providing them with easy access to their care plan and health information.

The Inca platform is further supported via the use of a patient app, MediTracker, providing real-time access of health information and appointment tracking as well as being able to sync with certain wearable and health monitoring devices.

Applying a predictive algorithm developed and validated by the CSIRO, PHC’s Risk Stratification Tool (RST) helps practitioners identify those patients that are at the highest risk of hospitalisation within the next 12 months. This raises red flags for the practice, which allows early intervention, reducing hospitalization rates

The Inca platform is available on a 30-day trial.

The multidisciplinary team: Nurses, practice managers, allied health practitioners, specialists and patients use the platform at no cost. The RST and MediTracker are currently at no cost to all users