Video: Prescribing in Bp

This BeInTheKnow session aims to provide clinicians with a comprehensive overview of all facets of prescribing within Bp

The webinar will cover the following topics:
(Drag the progress bar in the video below to jump to a specific section)

– Registering and Installing MIMS Integrated and NZULM [1:32]
– Setting script paper printer/tray defaults [02:55]
– Setting individual prescribing defaults for each doctor [04:15]
– Prescribing in Bp [06:41]
– AIP, My Health Record & SafeScript [18:03]
– Saving and maintaining dosages [21:19]
– Repeating Prescriptions [25:00]
– Creating pre-set Medication protocols for different conditions or procedures [25:42]

Watch the video and join our expert trainer Warren Goertz to learn about Prescribing within Bp!

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