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Vensa Health is on a mission of improving accessibility, affordability, promoting continuity of care between primary care providers and the community they serve. The company has 60% market share in New Zealand across GP’s in the care coordination area focusing on online-to-offline appointments, CDM repeat scripts, lab results automation, SMS/Secure message notifications and virtual health.

Vensa delivers their technology on the platform, designed as an infrastructure service, putting the patient at the centre of health providers with interdependencies into various health assets (PMS, government assets, labs, pharmacies,  payment providers, digital identity, financing etc..). The platform impacts millions of people annually.

In transitioning patient journeys across community health providers online, their aim is to digitise the health economy.

Vensa are building a world in partnership with health data technology service companies (EMR/Wearable), use our technology to give health providers more time to create clinical capacity, offering creative financing for patients to afford paying for health services, and providing convenient online services for people to reduce the reliance on human capital.

The Vensa Suite applications focus on clinical tasks for doctors that significantly add to burnout, including repeat scripts, lab results management, population health management for preventative services, virtual care, online-offline appointment bookings.

The platform solves this problem by transitioning existing pressure online, freeing up medical resources, high level benefits of the Vensa Suite Apps:

  • Online appointments-offline: enable patients to book online and pay gap payment, triage symptoms and pre-pay and check in at the practice. Freeing up front-desk team and reducing debt in General Practice.
  • Repeat Scripts: Optimise the repeat script ordering process from 23 handlings in medical centre to 3 clicks, patients get timely reminders for ordering their Repeat medications with the convenience of ordering from home. Patients can pre-pay before they place their repeat script through.
  • Population Health Engagement: Automating the process of recalling patients for preventive services and checkups, linking patient into their future health itinerary of future key health events.
  • Lab results and structured notes access: Optimising the clinical inbox (150 records per day per clinician) with the use of AI and user experience that empowers prompt access for patients to get their lab results.
  • Virtual Care: Secure message consultations.
  • Accounts payment campaigns: The system is designed to manage current accounts to seamlessly allow patients to pay online for services already delivered.