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Bp Partner Network Quarterly Newsletter – Feb 2022 Edition

Welcome to the Spring Edition of the Bp Partner Network Newsletter

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Medicare Web Services for Online Claiming and the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR)
In Bp Premier Saffron SP3, sending online claims and sending immunisations to AIR is facilitated through Medicare Web Services.

Australian Immunisation Register (AIR)
Information recorded in the Australian Immunisation Register can be accessed from Bp Premier via the View AIR screen in the Immunisation section of the patient record.
Information available via the View AIR screen includes:

  • Alerts
  • Vaccines due
  • Vaccine history
  • Medical contraindications
  • Natural immunities
  • Vaccine trials

The following patient information can also be updated on the AIR via the View AIR screen:

  • The patient’s indigenous status
  • Whether the patient requires additional vaccines due to belonging to a high-risk group
  • Whether the patient has a planned catch-up schedule

Immunisation Workflow Improvements
Individual immunisations can be sent directly to the AIR from the Immunisation screen in the patient record.

New Preventative Health Notifications
Preventative health notifications for breast cancer screening and bowel cancer screening will display in the patient record for eligible patients.

The Bp Partnership team is busy all year round participating in Government and Industry workshops and meetings making sure our products keep pace with legislative change and remain market leaders, moreover, delivering solutions that exceed user expectation and maintain a very high level of satisfaction.  

Migrating Bp Premier and from Medicare Client adaptor to Medicare Web Services (aka A2WS) has been at the forefront of our development efforts in 2021. Bp Premier has achieved Services Australia’s Notice of Integration for Patient/Eligibility Verification, Bulk Bill Claiming, Patient Claiming, DVA Claiming and Australian Immunisation Register in the upcoming Saffron SP3 release. Practices are encouraged to upgrade to Saffron SP3 upon release, but no later than the (Bp User extended cut-off date of 19th June 2022) in addition, they will need to have an updated PKI Certificate installed prior to the 13th of March, 2022, to ensure that all Medicare and DVA related functions, including OPV checking, Medicare Claiming, and AIR access, will continue to work without interruption. is currently going through the same Services Australia NOI process so will follow suit shortly and will similarly provide for OPV checking, Medicare Claiming and ECLIPSE in support of in-hospital/in-patient claiming.

Following A2WS we will be working towards Electronic Prescribing v3.0 conformance for both Bp Premier and in anticipation of the revocation of conformance profile v2.3 later in 2022, date to be confirmed. As a side note, the temporary measure of Image-based PBS prescribing is due to end 31st March 2022. Read more by clicking here.

The DoH continues to fund the SMS delivery of ePrescribing tokens (to Patients), currently this is slated to end in June 2022.

Real-time Prescription Monitoring continues to rollout across the land, with different jurisdictions taking their own approach, in support of this Bp Premier and Bp VIP integrate with the National Data Exchange. ACT’s version of national RTPM (Canberra Script) is going live mid-February, NT (NTScript) on 1st March, 2022 and NSW (Safescript NSW) is continuing to roll-out in a staged, regional approach with adoption already progressing through Hunter new England and the Central Coast. These deployments join VIC(Safescript) SA (ScriptCheckSA) and QLD (QScript) who are already live.

When we launched the Bp Partner Program in 2019, we did so to ensure that we were working with vendors who share our philosophies and beliefs – including our shared commitment to appropriate data privacy, sovereignty, and governance – then recognise the importance of that mutual partnership and collaboration through a tiered partnership model. 

We have recently reviewed the current tiers offered under the Bp Partner Network Program and are making some important changes to ensure that we continue to deliver a fair, consistent and high value service to our Partners.

For existing Silver Members, you will now be able to:

  • Publish 1x annual article in our Bp Evolution Newsletter which is sent to all Best Practice customers across General Practice, Specialist and Allied products.

Partners moving to the Silver Tier will engage with a new commercial model as part of the contractual relationship with Best Practice, which will include a new revenue sharing component. This will be discussed in detail as part of the contracting process.

The Bronze and Bronze Plus tiers are being consolidated to simplify our membership program. If your business still qualifies for the Bronze Tier, we will update your agreement to reflect your new benefits as outlined in our Partner Tiers document that can be accessed here.

Our Silver and Gold Partners are eligible to publish an article in our blog every year. Blog posts focuses on adding value to our customer base such as a case study or education piece for our mutual audience. We also provide a template to help shape your article.

Below are two examples of well-received contributions submitted by Bp Partners:

Creating Your First Practice Website – 10 Essential Tips
Bp Allied Look Behind the Scenes: Physitrack Exercise Video Shoots

Make the most of your engagement opportunity. Get in touch with your marketing team to forward schedule articles for inclusion on Bp’s website. The article could coincide with your roadmap and specific feature release.

For your technical resources, please remind them to take advantage of our Partner KB which provides an extensive overview of the integration framework. You can reach this KB by clicking here

Aaron has been at Bp for two years, starting off as Third Party Support Specialist Role and now as a Commercial Partnerships Specialist.

His main focus is on the technical aspect of third party integrations developed by commercial partners and practices through the partner application process and providing partner support. Recently this has expanded to supporting eOrdering Partners for enhanced eOrdering and assisting in with industry work.

Aaron studied Information Technology at QUT. In his spare time he is either kicking goals (literally!) playing FIFA on PlayStation instead of in real life, or is busy googling how to keep his two house plants alive.

To ensure the Bp Partner Support team and all our Partners are able to provide a speedy resolution to any issues. ensure the following information is provided when engaging Partner Support:

• Partners are to engage Practices in the first instance to assist in identifying issues before engaging Best Practice;
• What version of Best Practice the customer is using and what is the most recent data update installed;
• Screenshots of the issue;
• Error logs;
• What steps were taken prior to the error occurring.

Discover the Bp Software Partner Forum!

The Bp Forum provides the opportunity to engage with both Bp and other Partners who are part of the Bp Partner Network. We encourage all our Partners to use this space to share feedback, enhancements and to report bugs.

Register your account here.

Once registered, reach out to the Commercial Team on so we can add the appropriate access to your account.

Revenue Share Reporting Requirements

We would like to take this time to remind all Partners who are Silver Tier that the total revenue to be reported to be is not after costs (e.g. operational cost of delivering an SMS or payment transactions).

The Total Gross Revenue definition is available in the Partnership Agreement.

If you have any questions, please reach out to the Commercial Team.

For technical questions regarding the integration, email our Partner Support team on or call us on 1300 40 1111 option 4.

Members of the Bp Partner Network can also access our Partner Knowledge Base for technical documentation and our Partner Forum for additional support.

For enquiries regarding the Bp Partner Network or access to any of the links above, email our Partnerships Team on