Best Practice Software

We support closing the gender pay gap.

Best Practice Software embraces the need for gender equality across our international business and recognise the internal and external factors we face to help improve our contribution to closing the gender pay gap.

We’re proudly based in regional Queensland, where 61% of our Australian team are employed. We have contemporary policies in place to guide our recruitment and selection processes and use up to date (purchased) market data to guide remuneration rates for every role across our business.

The technology sector is our company’s core industry, which we acknowledge faces its own challenges in closing the gender pay gap, along with the removal of outdated beliefs. This is an area where Best Practice actively contributes to government, community, stakeholder, and industry organisation initiatives, engaging with local schools and education providers to promote opportunities in our sector and remove the common gender bias views. We collaborate with our team members to support the availability of flexible work arrangements where possible and work closely with the needs of women who are re-entering the workforce.

It’s important to acknowledge that our industry benchmark report, as indicated by the agency, compares Best Practice to the industry category of G- Retail Trade. Best Practice is a software company that develops health technology solutions.  Accordingly, our workforce comprises of people involved in various technology planning and delivery, administration and clerical, call centre support, and professional and technical service functions.

We will continue to work on measures that support the closing of the gender pay gap, and actively identify areas where Best Practice can make immediate improvements and continue improving our remuneration review processes and consistently auditing and reviewing our pay gaps by skills and experience across all compatible roles in our organisation.