Bp Allied Onboarding & Technical

Your entire Bp Allied onboarding experience will be guided by our experts, who’ll be on hand to assist with any technical requirements you may have.

Built With Data Security Front of Mind

Designed from the ground-up to be simple and intuitive, Bp Allied’s installation and set-up process aims to help you get your practice up and running sooner.

System Requirements

To determine whether your operating system, server infrastructure and hardware are suitable to support the hosting and operating of Bp Allied, visit our system requirements document here:

Your Data Safety is Our Top Priority

Information transferred between your desktop and our servers is encrypted using 256-bit SSL/HTTPS enterprise-grade security technology. All our data is hosted onshore, in Brisbane. In addition, we provide system administrators with superior user permission functionality to ensure that you can control who in your business is seeing what data.

A Choice of Hosting Options for Unlimited Business Scalability

Best Practice Software is proud to be your trusted partner through your business journey, regardless of the size of your practice, or the number of sites you operate. Whether you have one practitioner or 100, one location or many, Bp Allied can be customised to suit, and scale with your business as it grows.

No practice or institution is too big, or too small for Bp Allied. Business continuity is key to your practice’s performance. As such, we offer two solutions for your Bp Allied install:

Fully Hosted

Data backups occur every 15 minutes and are transferred to a secondary site to minimise issues caused by data redundancy.

Desktop Subscription

Built-in backup functionality to allow you to create your backups to an external device or cloud folder. Backups can be performed on-demand, or via prompt upon exit of Bp Allied.