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Wishing you could book appointments anywhere, anytime?

It's not a fantasy it's Best Health Booking

Wishing you could book appointments anywhere, anytime?

It's not a fantasy it's Best Health Booking

The Smart Way to Handle Online Bookings

Best Health Booking is an online appointment booking solution that integrates with Best Practice’s Management Systems, providing a hassle-free solution for Practice Managers and Practice Owners. It provides convenience to patients and streamlines administrative tasks, all while being easy to navigate and configure. 

So, why wait? Continue reading to learn more about how Best Health Booking can help your practice or contact us to buy it today to experience the benefits firsthand!

Better Bookings, Better Business Happier Patients Less Admin

Better Patient Care

By simplifying your practice’s booking workflow and streamlining your practice-patient communications, Best Health Booking helps you spend less time on administrative tasks, and more time on looking after your patients.

Simple Setup

Once the Best Health Booking Site Manager has been installed, your practice profile can be configured and live in minutes, allowing your patients to instantly book their online appointments.

24/7 Bookings

Your practice’s unique link allows patients to book an appointment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – no matter where they are. With freedom and flexibility over their health journey, patients are more likely to attend their appointments.

Find Out How Best Health Booking Can Help Your Practice

Maintaining Best Health Booking is simple, thanks to the intuitive user interface and a wide array of settings and options that are easy to understand.

Best Health Booking promotes smarter management of staff resources. Focus on the patients in your waiting room, rather than co-ordinating appointments over the phone.

When your patients book an appointment online through Best Health Booking, updates are made in real-time to your Bp Premier Appointment book. This prevents double bookings and avoids awkward conversations.

Your patients can book, edit or reschedule their appointments when, where and how they want. Best Health Booking offers greater freedom and flexibility for them, which in turn leads to fewer no-shows for you.

By filling out the practice profile in Best Health Booking, you can prepare your patients for their appointments by providing handy information before arrival, such as whether or not their appointment is bulk billed, or practice accessibility.

It's crucial that patients understand your practice's booking policies prior to their appointment. Best Health Booking makes it easy for you to provide your booking policy to all patients.

Is your practice temporarily closed for renovations, staff training, or public holidays? Best Health Booking allows you to adjust your whole practice's availability easily, ensuring that you won't have patients trying to book when no one is there.

With Best Health Booking's array of settings, you can easily activate online bookings, configure options for appointment rescheduling, determine rules for patient matching, adjust how far into the future you'd like appointments to be available and much more.

By filling out practitioner profiles, your patients are able to choose the right provider for them based on their own preferences, such as gender, languages spoken, or areas of interest.

If your practice offers services such as pre-natal clinics or vaccination clinics, you can choose how that information is displayed for bookings, including the clinic name, room name, or provider responsible.

Quickly and easily select which providers are available for which appointments, allowing your patients to clearly see who in your practice is available to offer the specific services they require.

For providers who prefer not to use online bookings, Best Health Booking can list them as part of your practice and prompt patients who enquire after their services to call in to book an appointment.

Make your new patients feel welcome with clear booking options including different appointment types, for which you can customise the length accordingly.

Create your own automated email responses for each appointment type. With each of these responses, patients will receive a calendar link, meaning they're more likely to remember and attend their appointment.

Set customised appointment titles, and include thorough descriptions for complete transparency on what your patients can expect when they arrive for their appointment. 

Once you're up and running with Best Health Booking, your Bp Premier appointment book will be synchronised to reflect your practice's availability. Patients will know exactly which appointments are available right away.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Best Health Booking integrates with Bp Premier, Bp SMS and the Best Health App.

Of course! Please fill out our Contact Us form, or call us on 1300 401 111.

It will typically take 5 – 10 working days to gain access to Best Health Booking after subscribing and will depend on your IT provider or team member successfully installing the Site Manager. 

Once the Site Manager has been successfully installed, you can begin configuring your Best Health Booking profile.

A practice website is recommended, however it isn’t a must.  Your unique booking link can be added anywhere your patients interact with your practice online, such as your social media pages or your Google My Business listing. You can also connect your booking link to a QR code.

You aren’t required to pay for each new patient that comes through online booking, nor do you pay for each appointment booked online.

We only charge per provider that allows online appointment booking, so you will know exactly how much this will cost each month. Our pricing is available here.

Appointments for your practice are accessible online via the unique booking link provided once you are up and running with Best Health Booking.

You can use this link in multiple locations, such as your practice website, social media pages, and Google My Business listing.

The Best Health Booking Knowledge Base and Interactive Help Screens are available via the Best Health Booking portal.

Best Health Booking offers the same level of practice support that you’ve come to expect with your Bp Premier subscription. Our Support Team is available on 1300 401 111 or at

Best Health Booking is a month-to-month subscription with no lock-in contracts; you can cancel anytime.

To cancel, contact our Sales Team.  All we require is 30 days’ notice.

We take privacy very seriously, you can view our full Privacy Policy here .

Recommended system requirements:   

To determine whether your operating system, server and hardware have the right specifications to support the running of Bp Premier and BHB, visit our system requirements document as follows –

Note:  Availability of online bookings is dependent on your infrastructure being connected to a stable internet connection 24/7.  Interruptions to BHB will occur if your device/hardware running Bp Premier is shut down, suspended or enters sleep mode.  

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