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The Bp Premier Essentials User Guide is an in-depth, 265-page guide comprehensively covering reception and clinical essentials, with an overview of Bp SMS and the Best Health App. Delve into the topics in more detail by clicking each section below.

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What's Included?

  • Adding and amending patient records
  • Adding and reviewing contact notes
  • Booking and amending appointments
  • Billing, banking and accounting essentials including Medicare Online claims
  • Essentials for using Bp SMS and the Best Health App
  • Starting and finalising visits
  • Clinical reminders, creating and managing actions
  • Preventative health notifications
  • Recording notes and auto-fill settings
  • Recording and sending immunisations records to AIR
  • Adding or ceasing prescriptions
  • Active Ingredient Prescribing
  • Electronic referrals
  • Document templates
  • Clinical communications and reminders
  • Creating care plans
  • In-built assessment tools
  • Health and event summaries
  • Topping up credits
  • Patient consent
  • Utilising communication templates
  • Overview of the Best Health App
  • Sending appointment reminders and health awareness communications
  • Understanding Bp Comms in relation to patient records
  • Recording contact notes

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