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MedReleaf Australia is a Queensland-based medical cannabis company that is licensed to cultivate and manufacture medical cannabis. MedReleaf provides a prescriber program to doctors with a focus on the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

MedReleaf Australia has a strategic partnership with Aurora Cannabis Enterprises and is licensed to cultivate and manufacture medical cannabis by the federal government’s Office of Drug Control (ODC). The company is backed by more than 100 years of pharmaceutical and healthcare expertise, driven by research and development, and is striving to make improvements to the health of Australian patients.

MedReleaf is dedicated to innovation and operational excellence. A distinct business positioned to take advantage of a rapidly growing market built to service the Australian medical industry including doctors, pharmacists and allied health professionals.

MedReleaf Australia’s prescriber program is available to all doctors, providing access to training and education for the doctor to confidently assess, advise, prescribe and treat patients with medical cannabis. Peer-to-peer workshops, educational webinars and further clinical material are available through registering to access MedReleaf’s online training and education portal:

The MedReleaf Authorised Prescriber 6-Monthly Report is to support prescribing doctors who are authorised prescribers for unregistered medical cannabis products. Authorised prescribers for unregistered medical cannabis products need to report the number of new patients commenced on treatment, and number of patients continued on treatment (for longer than 6 months), for each product to the Therapeutic Goods Administration. This report takes the stress out of keeping track of patient numbers throughout the reporting period. A simple report generation saves the doctor and clinic ample administrative work.

To learn more on the TGA Reporting Tool please visit: MedReleaf 6 monthly TGA reporting

To receive updates on clinical information and the MedReleaf prescriber program, doctors can register via the MedReleaf Australia website:

MedReleaf Australia’s product brands: MedReleaf, CanniMed, Aurora, IndiMed and Encore are all listed in BP Premier. Our Authorised Prescriber reporting tool is available through Bp Premier. 

Doctors can make contact with MedReleaf Australia’s clinical Support team on 1300 096 611 or