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All Your ePrescribing Resources Available in One Spot

The following ePrescribing resources, developed by our Training team, have been created to assist your Practice with rolling out and using ePrescribing.

We highly encourage you to share these ePrescribing resources with all staff members at your Practice.

Introduction to ePrescribing for Practitioners Video

This  video provides an overview of the ePrescribing process, how to prepare your Practice, how to configure the functionality and send eScripts in Bp Premier. Please share on social media, with staff and those in your network.

(8 minutes)

Introduction to ePrescribing for Patients Video

This video provides patients with an overview of what ePrescribing is, how it works and how to fill a prescription using an e-token. Please share this helpful video on your social media channels and with patients.

(6 minutes)

Introduction to ePrescribing for Pharmacies Video

This video provides an overview of the ePrescribing general workflow from the viewpoint of pharmacists. We encourage Practices to share this video with pharmacies in their local area, as well as practitioners.

(4 minutes)

ePrescribing Q & A Podcast Focused on Questions from Our Practices

The content of this 25-minute podcast was developed from Practice questions that were asked at during our Masterclass webinar series. Please share with staff and Doctors in your network.

(25 minutes)

Step-by-Step Documentation in the Knowledge Base

Available to Bp Premier & Best Practice Software customers only.  The Knowledge Base is an online library of step-by-step articles to help you utilise our software’s wealth of features. Please access ePrescribing documentation in Bp Premier by selecting Help > Online from the menu, and go straight to the Knowledge Base for your product version.

Introduction to ePrescribing Masterclass Webinar

Our Training team ran a series of webinars on various days and times, to allow Practices to attend live and ask questions at the end of each session. This is an in-depth view of how ePrescribing works in general and in Bp Premier. Please share this resource with Practice staff.

(54 minutes)

Poster to Inform Patients

Utilise this poster in your reception area to inform patients which pharmacies are eScript ready.

Posters to Inform Practitioners

Utilise this poster at each workspace to remind prescribers which pharmacies are eScript ready.

Getting Started with ePrescribing in Your Practice

Our support team has been inundated by Practices wanting to know what they need to have ready for the ePrescribing rollout. Here’s what you need to know, along with some helpful tips.

Avoid Surprises When Upgrading to Bp Premier

We’ve made some great improvements to Bp Premier, however, if you’re upgrading to Saffron from an older version, some of these improvements could impact you in unexpected ways. Learn more here.

Electronic Prescriptions Have Landed in Bp Saffron

Electronic prescriptions are now available to all users of Bp Premier with our latest release – read on to find how to enable ePrescribing, and what’s new for ePrescribing in Saffron!

Electronic Prescriptions – The Missing Link in Visibility of Patient Information

Bp Software CEO, Dr Frank Pyefinch, and Paul Naismith, CEO at Fred IT, share insightful stats about ePrescriptions and telehealth, and reflect on how these and other factors have impacted patient care during COVID.

Is Your Practice Using ePrescriptions?

Boasting convenience, safety of use, and cost-saving advantages, if you’re not already using ePrescriptions, find out why why you should consider the adoption.

Australia’s ePrescribing Rollout: Lessons Learned

A little more than a year on from Australia’s accelerated ePrescribing rollout, guest author Tracey Johnson details her experiences with the transition to electronic prescriptions.

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