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An Online booking system that's easy to use?

It's not your imagination it's Best Health Booking

Say Goodbye Ciao Au Revoir Adios To Scheduling Woes

Best Health Booking is an online appointment booking solution that integrates with Best Practice’s Management Systems, providing a hassle-free solution for Practice Managers and Practice Owners. It provides convenience to patients and streamlines administrative tasks, all while being easy to navigate and configure. 

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Better Bookings, Better Business Happier Patients Less Admin

Bookings in an instant

Real-time visibility in the Bp Premier appointment book for your team and in Best Health Booking for your patients means that there is less chance of a double booking happening – no matter where someone is entering it into the system. This also reduces the burden on your reception team.

Let Bp do more for you​

Best Health Booking continues our goal of constant improvement of your Best Practice experience. By creating an online booking solution, we can streamline your practice’s booking workflow while simultaneously providing your patients an easy and convenient booking process. And you can get support from our local team with all your platforms under one roof.

Easy setup

Setup is simple, with an intuitive user interface and settings. Information is pre-populated from Bp Premier, meaning that most of the setup is completed for you! 

Once the Best Health Booking Site Manager is installed, you can be live within the hour!

Book in 5 steps

Your patients can book or reschedule their appointments when, where, and how they want. More flexibility for them, fewer no-shows for you. This means you’re no longer bound by office hours! So not only are there fewer no-shows, but you’re also able to generate revenue 24/7. Note: Any changes made to an online booking in Bp Premier will need to be communicated to  patients

Thinking about it?

Switching to best health Booking is easy

Moving from another online booking solution to Best Health Booking? Easy! Because of how Best Health Booking integrates into Bp Premier, it already ports over your appointment book availability and calculations.

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