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Bp Knowledge Base Improvements

There’s good news for users of the Bp VIP.Net knowledge base! A couple of months ago, the Training and Deployment team acknowledged the gaps in the online help knowledge base, and worked out a plan to fill those gaps, particularly the various claiming channels for Australian practices as they begin their preparations for migrating practices to Medicare Web Services in 2022.

We’re very happy to announce that two dozen new articles have been published to the Bp VIP.Net Knowledge Base in the last couple of weeks, with another dozen ready to publish by end November. We appreciate your patience while we improve the learning resources we offer.

To access the Knowledge Base, select Help > Online from the menu inside Bp VIP.Net and select a button or just type into the search bar to start. User feedback is welcome at any time! Just scroll down to the bottom of any article and provide your feedback in the text box provided. The documentation team regularly reviews user feedback and will action any request for new or updated information.

System Configuration and Printing

VIPServices is the scheduling service that manages investigation results and appointment book reminders for Bp VIP.Net. A comprehensive new article aimed at administrators explains how to set up, stop, and restart this service for new installations or to troubleshoot an existing practice after an upgrade. Also included is a new article on setting workstation printing preferences for letters and templates, so that users don’t have to select a printer or paper source every time they print a script or appointment list, saving valuable time. Printing preferences also include automatic settings for RSD messages in New Zealand, and automatically populating recipients for letters that are sent out with multiple copies.

Just open the knowledge base and search for ‘vipservice’ or ‘printing preferences’!

Prescribing Setup

Prescribing workflow setup and defaults have received a boost in the knowledge base, with new articles on:

  • Combining multiple medications into a single medication protocol that can be prescribed together, saving time
  • Adding a medication route not supplied with the system
  • Inserting a record for medications prescribed elsewhere
  • Saving the dosage and frequency defaults for a patient’s medication, so they do not have to be reselected when represcribed
  • Prescribing workflow preferences for prescribers.

Not to mention information on Real Time Prescription Monitoring, introduced way back in Ruby and recently updated for all Australian states in Topaz Revision 2. Get up to speed with the status of RTPM in your state!

Open the Knowledge Base and select Setup > Prescribing.

Medicare, DVA and Health Fund Claiming

End-to-end instructions for all major claiming channels for Australian practices are now live, with new Health Fund billing for No Gap, Gap, and Gap Cover claims, complete with short and sharp video tutorials. Existing guidance on Bulk Bill and Patient claims, including in-hospital procedures, has been revised and updated to the latest version of Bp VIP.Net.

Select Management > Medicare and DVA Claiming or Health Fund Claiming to access the new articles.

While you’re there, don’t forget to search for ‘mws’ to see all of our preparation materials for your migration to Medicare Web Services, which becomes compulsory for all electronic claims in March 2022. If you haven’t already, now’s the time to start registering PRODA accounts for key personnel to get ready!

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