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Welio is designed by Doctors to support General Practice in the delivery of secure, simple, and seamless patient consultations via text, video or voice. NO subscription fees for practices. Clinicians using Welio retain all consulting fees, with the transaction processing fee set by the bank paid by the clinic similar to any EFTPOS terminal. Patients pay a small fee for privately billed consultations.

Welio is Australia’s first secure, simple, and subscription-free Telehealth platform providing:
Proven, secure, paid-for text, video or voice consultations possible from anywhere.

Easily control your own fees

  • Ability for each clinician to set their own fees by consult length
  • Ability to bill the self-set calculated fee, a ‘bespoke’ fee given the circumstances, or ‘zero out’ all charges to bulk bill at the end of the consultation

Easy to use doctor dashboard that integrates into your existing workflow

  • Our intuitive doctor-dashboard can be used in narrow form alongside Best Practice as a side bar – start your video consult and keep Best Practice open!
  • Seamless appointment scheduling within Best Practice for hassle-free workflow – if a telehealth appointment is created in Best Practice by reception or online booking it is created in Welio starting the easy patient onboarding process with instructions texted straight to the patient
  • Automatic processing of payments to the clinic, saving valuable reception time chasing up payments over the phone

No more lost or confused patients

A simple patient-proof application for accessing the consultation with one-time registration by the patient – no more wasted time and hassle for patients.

Password and PIN protected patient app to protect privacy

Message consultations – answer patient queries securely and charge a fee where appropriate (Medicare rebates do not apply to text consultations)

  • The ability to get paid for asynchronous messaging consults with patients for non-urgent matters (akin to secure email/messaging) with completed messages sent by secure messaging into the doctor inbox

Secure and trusted solution supported by Microsoft Azure

  • The strength of Australian based Microsoft Azure for confidence and security
  • Robust technical and user support

Register your clinic today: clinic.welio.com | register@welio.com