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Pryzm Health was founded by two world leaders in precision medicine – Prof. Marcel Dinger and Dr Tudor Groza to bring beautiful and patient-centric products, powered by AI and natural language processing, to general practice in Australia. Prior to starting Pryzm Health, they established the world’s first whole-genome sequencing clinic – Genome.One (a subsidiary of the Garvan Institute for Medical Research).

The Pryzm Health team emerged from Genome One and set out to bring AI-powered precision health to General Practice. The same technology previously aiding specialists working with illnesses in Sydney, Perth, Japan and the US, could be adapted to serve General Practitioners working with chronic and complex disease patients.

Pryzm Health’s Mosaic Assistant uses deep scan technology to read and understand patients notes, labs, prescriptions – with no patient data leaving the practice. Clinical notes represent a valuable source of patient data and often are left unexamined by existing software tools. Mosaic can read clinician notes; understanding medical terms, synonyms or abbreviations, negation (e.g. no cough) and family history. Mosaic builds a longitudinal profile for each patient which can then be compared against existing disease guidelines, like the “Guidelines for the management of Absolute cardiovascular disease risk” from the Heart Foundation.

Physicians can use Mosaic Assistant to track a patient’s status over time and use it as a tool for communicating with their patient, showing how changes they make could impact their health in a positive way.