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HealthShare is a leading Australian digital health company.

We are dedicated to improving health outcomes for patients with our innovative products that support GPs in their consultations, save them precious time and help them provide more quality care.

Referrals – Seamlessly integrated within Best Practice, this free tool is Australia’s most comprehensive Specialist and Allied Practitioner referrals directory that is quick and easy to use and kept up-to-date. It also reduces the need for practice staff to maintain their local address book. 

BetterConsult – a time saving pre-consultation tool that captures your patients’ agenda and other relevant clinical information. It then translates the data into concise medical notes, ready for review by the GP before the consultation. It has also been shown to help reduce DNA rates at practices.

FactSheets – A collection of high quality condition and treatment handouts that are seamlessly integrated, making access and distribution simple and helping to improve patient health literacy.

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