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GoShare PSI is the integration of Healthily’s GoShare patient education and engagement platform with Bp Premier.

GoShare allows a healthcare professional to send credible, multimodal educational resources to patients, embedded as a link in an SMS or email. These resources can include video, factsheets and useful links to health websites and online information. Approximately 1.3 million Australians per year receive health resources from GoShare, sent by their trusted doctor or healthcare service provider. View the GoShare animation here.

GoShare PSI combines the precise SQL search capability of Best Practice with the proven patient engagement resources of GoShare. Practices can access an online library of pre-built patient database filters (such as patients eligible for a 75+ Health Assessment or Cancer screening) or build their own. Accessing GoShare PSI involves just a few simple steps. Once set up, just log into GoShare PSI to create a filtered list of patients and send a pre-prepared message with embedded resources, designed to educate and motivate recipients toward a particular health outcome.

Here is an example of resources embedded in a GoShare SMS message explaining the Home Medicines Review and its benefits.

GoShare PSI Features

  • Simple, intuitive app. Send content to a list in as little as
  • Pre-configured SQL patient searches.
  • Communication to targeted patient lists by SMS and/or email.
  • Embedded resources designed to educate and support patient informed response.
  • Can be configured to set a maximum number of recipients per send. This means that with a few clicks, a large patient group can be broken down into manageable subgroups to receive the campaign at a regular time interval of days or weeks.
  • Write-back function to automatically record the details of the activity into the patient record in Best Practice
  • GoShare PSI is also designed to run as a sidebar for sending to a single patient mobile/email from a BP clinical record. Patient contact details of the current patient open in BP are pre-populated in GoSharePSI to enable education or information to be sent in just a few clicks.

GoShare PSI – Send to multiple recipients

GoShare image 1

GoShare PSI – Send to a single recipient

GoShare image 2

For more information about GoShare PSI, visit Healthily’s GoShare PSI product page.