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AI-Matters offers Voice AI tools for Healthcare practices.

Olivia is a telephone call assistant designed to be deployed by Healthcare Practices to manage their telephone communications with their patients. Olivia engages callers in human-like conversations and guides them to complete common tasks such as booking appointments and uploading documents.

Unable to manage peak hour telephone calls?

Olivia, with its ability to engage multiple callers simultaneously, can take care of peak hour calls without any call waiting or call drops.

Setting up Olivia is quick & easy- just forward all calls to the AI-Matters system. Olivia intelligently alerts your staff to callers who have an unusual request.

Olivia integrates with Best Practice and offers patients live self service booking on your practice’s scheduler both on Telephone (voice calls) and your Website (text).

For Patients

Olivia offers the convenience of booking appointments 24/7, immediate response (‘0’ call-waiting, no call backs) and proactive communication with their Healthcare Provider. 

For Healthcare Staff

Olivia is versatile and can efficiently respond to routine calls, freeing up your staff to focus on patients. 

For Healthcare Providers

Increased Revenue | 24/7 appointments and ‘no show’ management

Improved Efficiency | streamlined documentation, no data entry, less calls

Patient comfort & Safety | no call waiting, streamlined documentation

As a practice Manager I appreciate the Service of Olivia. My patients and I found her user-friendly. All the appointments booked through the system are captured accurately and automatically transferred into Best practice appointment book and into new patient file.

Mr. Chirag Seth Practice Manager, Doctor’s House Gregory Hills Medical Centre   

Find out more about AI Matters and how practices use Olivia everyday