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Started by Dr. Murray Tilyard, as a GP, we had the desire to have a team of specialists within reach for their expertise, but to also interpret historical information in a useful manner; this was the beginning of BPAC Clinical Solutions. Based in Dunedin, New Zealand, they have since gone on to become the global software development company they are today.

Beginning in NZ with easily recognisable modules such as Patient Prompt, Common Form and ACC18, BPAC CS has branched into Australia with the Queensland Smart referrals contract, which became the springboard needed for Clinical Solutions to pilot their new Decision Support suite, the Valida product set.

Valida incorporates a comprehensive range of modules that cover a wide variety of medical areas, offering individual modules or a collection, in suites.

Each module is designed for a common troubled area of medicine that with assistance can streamline the clinical practice, making patient assessment more efficient so GPs can focus their attention on treatment.

Despite just reaching 100 million module hits, BPAC CS does not plan on stopping anytime soon, continuing to research new modules to reach more patients and GPs.