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Patient Booking Portal – Bp Premier & Bp

Online Appointments – Bp Premier & Bp

Easy Referrals – Bp Premier & Bp

Easy Recall – Bp Premier & Bp

Easy Feedback – Bp Premier & Bp

1stInsights – Bp Premier & Bp

Since launching in 2012, MyHealth1st has been revolutionising the healthcare experience in Australia and New Zealand, making it easier for patients to digitally connect with the healthcare practitioners they need when they need them most. With its secure online platform and suite of digital solutions, MyHealth1st helps to improve connectivity between practice and patient,
enhance continuity of care, and foster better health outcomes. It also helps practices to enhance efficiency, get more bookings, boost retention, and improve profitability.

MyHealth1st’s solutions include Online Appointments, EasyRecall, EasyFeedback, 1stInsights and EasyReferrals, a purpose-built tool that helps patients, GPs and specialists more easily connect.

MyHealth1st is utilised by a wide variety of healthcare practitioners, including GPs, Optometrists, Dentists, Psychologists, Physiotherapists, Nutritionists and Specialists. It has facilitated over 10.5 million online appointment bookings and is used by almost 11,000 practices and sites. MyHealth1st is a brand of 1ST Group Ltd (1ST), an Australian ASX-listed company.

To find out how MyHealth1st can revolutionise your practice, visit today.