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I'm a Practice
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I'm a Patient

Welcome to The Best Health App

The SMART way for Practice and Patient to stay connected


I’m a Practice

If you’re a Bp Premier customer, it’s easier than ever to connect with your patient’s, give them access to their Health Summaries and send them relevant Health Fact Sheets tailored to their wellbeing – direct to their phone.  And there is the added bonus of saving on printing and paper costs.


The Best Health App creates a direct connection between you and your Patients. Connecting and staying in touch with your patients has never been easier.


Your patients can check-in to their appointment, access their Health Summaries, view Health Fact Sheets and receive clinical reminders sent by the Practice directly to their mobile phone.


The Best Health App is fully integrated into Bp Premier. You’ll save administration time, reduce messaging costs and streamline patient communication.

Connect to the App with a minimum of fuss

You can get connected within the latest version of Bp Premier software, which integrates with the Best Health App. We’ll then make it easy for you to get connected by sending you a Welcome Pack with all you need – the Best Health App Beacon*, brochure stand, brochures and posters to inform your patients and posters and instruction sheets to make it easy for your team – all for one low initial set up fee.

*The average range for a beacon is 20 meters. If your practice  has multiple reception areas you may need more than one beacon. Best Practice Software can provide multiple beacons as part of our Welcome Pack on request. When considering the number of beacons required for your practice consider the layout of your practice including placement and construction of walls. Marble, brick, concrete and metal have relatively high interference potential while glass, wood and synthetic materials have low interference potential.

If you have any questions please phone us during business hours (8am to 5pm AEST) – 1300 40 1111 (Choose Option 1, then Option 2)


I’m a patient

If you’re a patient, it’s easier than ever to connect with your Provider, access your Health Summaries and get relevant Health Fact Sheets tailored for your wellbeing using this new app. The Best Health App is an exciting new, direct connection between you and your Provider.

The Best Health App is currently being trialled at a limited number of Practices. Talk to the staff at your Practice and if they are participating in this trial you can ask them to send you an invitation to enrol and download the Best Health App from your App Store. Once you install the app on your device don’t forget to open it and create your secure account.



View all appointment in one place. No need to search through your calendar to find your upcoming appointments.

View your past appointments in one place. Check in for your appointment when you enter the Practice – no more waiting at the reception desk.

Receive reminders and messages direct to the app on your phone.


Have peace of mind when you travel or not able to visit your usual Practice knowing that you have your latest Health Summary from your Provider at your fingertips.


Is the paperwork from your Provider piling up at home? Is it hard to find what you are looking for?

Using the Best Health App you can do away with these piles of paper and receive Health Fact Sheets tailored to your wellbeing directly from your Provider to your phone.

Getting Started with the Best Health App

  • Check your Practice uses Bp Premier – Best Practice Software’s leading GP software
  • Ask the staff at your Practice to send you an invitation to enrol
  • Download the Best Health App from your app store
  • Open the app and create your secure account with your Practice
  • Accept the invitation message from your Practice
  • Start using the Best Health App!