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Step Up Your Practice Patient Communication with Best Health App

The Best Health App for Better Practice-Patient Communications

Staying in touch with your patients has never been easier.

The Best Health App empowers your patients to improve their health outcomes and keep them engaged with your Practice – all through a secure and confidential app connecting patient and provider.

Practice Benefits

Why should your Practice consider getting on board with the Best Health App?

Enhanced Provider/Patient Connection

The Best Health App creates a direct connection between you and your patients. Connecting and staying in touch with your patients has never been easier.

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Provide a Higher Level of Patient Care

Deliver proactive patient care with health reminders, test result follow-ups, health summaries, factsheets, Practice information and awareness messages.

Seamless Integration with Bp Premier

The Best Health App is built natively within your existing Bp Premier software, ensuring continued familiarity among Practice staff and faster adoption times.

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Transparent, Competitive Pricing

Only pay for what your Practice needs with our flexible messaging packages. Refer to our pricing page above for more information.

Reduce Appointment No-Shows

Easily set up automated patient appointment reminders with simple workflows and message templates to help you save time, money and effort.

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Safe, Secure and Private

Best Health App creates a safe, private link between Practice and patient that can only be established via a secure invitation directly from Bp Premier.

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Connect to the App With Minimum Fuss

You can get connected to the Best Health App with the latest version of Bp Premier – the two integrate seamlessly! We’ll then make it easy for you to get connected by sending you a welcome pack with all you need; a Best Health App beacon, flyers and flyer stand to inform patients, posters and instruction sheets to educate staff and patients – all for one low initial set up fee.

Safe, Secure and Confidential Messaging

The security, privacy and storage of your patient’s sensitive data is paramount.
The app has multiple layers of security measures in place including

  • Two verified forms of ID are required for account creation
  • Patient data is secured through strict minimum password requirements
  • All messages are routed within Australia, remaining onshore at all times and
    are exchanged via HTTPS using two levels of encryption
  • Patients are automatically locked out after three minutes of inactivity to protect sensitive information
  • Keychain and KeyStore provide additional device security

Don't Take Our Word for it. . .

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Patient Benefits

Patients will benefit from your Practice using Best Health App too.

Improved provider/patient communication leads to higher-quality outcomes, improved patient satisfaction and deeper relationships.
As a result, patients will have a more granular understanding of their health issues and better adherence to treatment protocols.

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Provide a Premium Experience and Help Patients Save Time

Through quick and easy online appointment booking (if you use an online booking system), and self-check-in when arriving at appointments. The app also provides patients with Practice specific contact information.

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Keep Patients Healthy With a Disciplined Care Regime

Help patients ensure they do not miss an important appointment through automated reminders and a view of upcoming consultations. Seamless two-way SMS allows patients to confirm appointments with a YES reply.

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Give Patients More Control Over Their Health Journey

Empower patients with one secure go-to space for practice correspondence, clinical reminders, health summaries, factsheets awareness messages and consumer medication information.

Ready to Get Started With the Best Health App?

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For Bp Sales or Support, talk to us on 1300 40 1111 in Australia or 0800 40 1111 in New Zealand

Click Here for full terms of use for the Best Health App.