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Medi2Apps is an Australian IT Company that is dedicated to helping you grow your medical practice. We understand the importance of patient continuity of care and we don’t believe in pitting medical practices against each other. Therefore, we do not advertise your competitors to patients or allow patients to navigate from your site to another clinic.

This extends to our solutions, the Mobile App that we create is specifically for your practice. As it is not a single app for all clinics, patients will not be able to book an appointment with another clinic through your mobile app.

 We focus heavily on automating the paper-based processes in your practice and have solutions that will help you remove over 11 paper-based forms. Patient forms are integrated with Best Practice, eliminating tedious and often error prone tasks. We have converted 11+ paper-based forms, allowing you to eliminate at least 6000 pages that will need to be printed, transposed, double checked, scanned and then shredded (per year). Our digital forms are listed below:

1. New Patient form with 150+ customisable fields and electronic signature
2. Visitor/Contractor Register
3. Secured Patient Feedback
4. Flu Vaccine
5. WorkCover
6. Transfer of Medical Records
7. Timesheet/Time Clock with approval
8. Rostering
9. Start-up Checklist
10. Shutdown Checklist
11. Repeat Referral Request Form (with Payment)
12. Repeat Prescription Request Form (with Payment)
13. 100% customisable data intake form (can be used for QIPIP/Marketing/General Questionnaire/Survey or anything you need)


We are a full-service patient engagement partner, meaning we have solutions that help you interact with patients during every stage of their journey, with your medical practice. Our services include:

  • LIVE online appointment bookings (no double bookings!)
  • Mobile App for patients – created specifically for your practice
  • SMS Appointment-Reminders (*)
  • SMS Clinical-Recalls/Reminders (*)
  • SMS Re-books (for DNA-Appointments) (*)
  • SMS Auto Replies (*)
  • SMS Campaigns (*)
  •  Online Repeats/Referrals with payment
  • Patient Kiosk (with Check-in, Digital Forms, Manage Appts, Update Details. Kiosk can also be used by staff for Timesheets, Checklist and Visitor Check-in)
  •  Telehealth (with Payment, Secure Document Transfer & Pre-consult questions)
  •  Web Design, Maintenance & Marketing
  • Digital TVs

* Our SMS’s are sent from a dedicated mobile number for your clinic. Patients who call the mobile number will be directed to your practice main line.