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Best Practice Software is a leader in the development, marketing & support of quality medical software products for Australasian medical practice.

A private company driven by engagement with its users, Best Practice Software has remained true to its founding principles of supporting doctors and other allied health and medical professionals, evolving to meet the changing needs within Australasian healthcare. All by keeping in touch with our users!

This policy has earned the company a reputation in the market for quality products, excellent customer service and user engagement. It has also helped Best Practice experience exponential growth over its lifetime, culminating in the opening of our purpose built national headquarters, one of the most sophisticated “nerve centres” dedicated to medical information technology in the nation. It was designed to provide the ideal environment for our highly skilled team working on the three essential threads of Bp’s business – Research, Development and Customer Support. This resource of expertise has allowed Bp to acquire two additional respected software companies operating in Australia and New Zealand, broadening Bp’s customer base to include Specialists and Allied Health Professionals.

At Best Practice Software, our team strives for success based on four key values. They are the yardstick by which each of us measures our interactions with others.

We always:

𝜋 Believe in people
𝜋 Endeavour to be fair and equitable
𝜋 Sustain quality but keep improving
𝜋 Think of the customer

Frank and Lorraine New Homepage Image

Best Practice was launched in the Queensland regional city of Bundaberg in 2004 by Dr Frank Pyefinch, who brought to the company not only the benefits of a career as a busy General Practitioner but also more than a decade’s experience as a pioneer of medical software development.

Dr Pyefinch kept in close touch with colleagues throughout the country, growing and adapting the functionality of Best Practice Software in response to their feedback, giving them the tools to not only survive but thrive in the changing healthcare environment.

Darwin’s theory of evolution was a metaphor and inspiration for the process. During the decade that Best Practice Software grew to become market leader, the company proudly stood by its guiding principle: Setting the standards in practice management software, Best Practice Software was created by Dr Frank Pyefinch, pioneer of clinical software.  The finches of the Galapagos pointed Darwin to the theory of evolution.  The soaring finch logo is Dr Frank Pyefinch’s personal guarantee that Bp software will continue to evolve in response to the particular needs of the Australasian medical community.

Best Practice Software operates from a network of offices, including its Brisbane Business Centre, Hamilton Operations Centre, Sydney Support Centre, and its Bundaberg Operations Hub, a modern multi-building campus located in the regional city’s Central Business District. The team is dispersed across the office network, working together to develop, market and support quality software products for Australasian Specialist Practices and Allied Health Professionals, as well as General Practitioners.


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Finalist - Best Health App (2019)

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Bundaberg & District Chambers Business Excellence Awards

Business of the Year (2019)

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Bundaberg & District Chambers Business Excellence Awards

Manufacturer of the Year (2019)

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In addition to Best Practice Software being a Member of the MSIA, our Executive Director Lorraine Pyefinch currently serves as Secretary on the MSIA board.



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