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    We are releasing our latest program update Topaz SP1 Revision 3 for Bp This release is intended for all users, including Day Stay customers.

    Best Practice Software recommend running the program upgrade outside of business hours to minimise the impact of the upgrade on your practice.

    Upgrade instructions are included in these release notes.

    Bp Topaz SP1 Rev 3 Release Notes (




    Version(s) Supported
    File Name
    File Size 152MB
    Md5 check file
    Last updated 05/07/2023


    Establish incoming and outgoing remote desktop and computer-to-computer connections for real-time support or access to files, networks and programs. After downloading and installing this software, you’ll have your first session up and running within seconds.
    KB Article.

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    File Name TeamViewerQS.exe
    File Size 11.6 MB
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    Last updated 08/09/2021
    Revision Utility – Installs a number of specific tools to extract, maintain and utilize the information within the product. It contains the Financial Audit Export/Import, Backup Utility and Script Runner.

    Version(s) Supported
    File Name VIP_Utility.exe
    File Size 65.8
    Md5 check file
    Last updated 09/11/2022

Data Updates

Best Practice Software recommends users update their version of with the latest data, featuring the most up to date MIMS drug database, medication, template and fee data.

Updates are made available to users regularly and can be imported from File > Utilities > Live Update. When a new update is released, Best Practice Software will send and Elevate notification to users once this is available for download.

For more information on how to use the Live Update tool see: VIP Live Update (

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