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Titanium - The Future of Best Practice Software

Bp Titanium Logo

Titanium - The Future of Best Practice Software

With its rich features, ease of use, web-based format, Titanium will have a profound influence on medical practice – providing the choice of on-premise or cloud-based hosted solution with functionality for General Practitioners, Specialists and Allied Health Professionals all under the one cover.

The Titanium features that will bring a new sense of freedom even for Bp power users.

Ability to use any device that can access the web – smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC, Mac, and operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android.

Touch screen capability

Able to be installed locally or cloud-based solution for access from anywhere

The powerful Titanium web based format has the potential to bring many benefits. Some will be realised at release date and others over time, starting with Allied Health Professionals and then moving to General Practice and then to Specialists.

Device flexibility and our cloud solution will immediately offer the convenience of access on-the-go, to patient charts, appointment schedules or financial reports to name a few Bp data resources.

Enhanced user experience via its easy to use, intuitive user interface.

Freedom to choose and use any type and size of device has the potential to change the patient practitioner dynamic, even offering the possibility of patient interaction with touch screen capability.

In the conventional practice setting the requirement for only a basic workstation with Web Browser functionality will reduce hardware costs.

The same installation will be equally capable of catering for any size medical environment with multiple specialties and procedures under the same roof, including GPs, Specialists and Allied Health Professionals.

When Titanium is released to Bp Premier customers, the plan is for it to offer the full functionality of  the current Bp Premier version, with the added benefits of our Cloud solution.

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