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Halo Connect’s mission is to solve the healthcare interoperability crisis. Halo Connect provides REST & FHIR APIs to Software Integrators to access on-premise and cloud systems. 

Founded by Chris Smeed, Brett Thebault and Marty Conneely, with the team at Aginic Ventures, they have built the first cloud-based APIs for Best Practice Premier. After successful implementation across software integrator, Cubiko, Halo Connect is set to rapidly provide its healthcare interoperability platform to all Best Practice approved integrators.

Software integrators will be able to seamlessly query an API provided by Halo Connect. Greatly reducing the support burden of software companies and improving the connectivity of the medical practice’s server, saving their on-premise infrastructure from unwanted downtime. 

If you’re interested in joining the waitlist for Halo Connect’s cloud-based APIs for Best Practice, sign up here