Bp Premier Orchid RC Terms and Conditions

Bp Premier Orchid RC

Details of the Practice accessing the Release Candidate for Bp Premier Orchid:

Details of the Practice's primary contact:

Details of the contact nominated (“RC’s nominee”) by the Practice that will be accepting the Terms and Conditions and performing testing:

Please check each of the boxes below to indicate you understand the terms and conditions.

The Practice agrees that:

Best Practice Software will communicate with the RC's nominee, and the RC's nominee will provide written or oral reports or evaluations concerning the software when reasonably required by Best Practice Software(Required)
The Practice must upgrade to the new version of software within 4 (four) working days of being advised by Best Practice Software;(Required)
They will provide Best Practice Software with Bp Error Logs and SQL Logs by emailing support@bpsoftware.net immediately after the update, and subsequently every 3 (three) working days thereafter;(Required)
They will use the new version of software on a daily basis as per the Practice's usual workflow for the purposes of testing.(Required)
They will use the dedicated channels to contact support for any issues regarding Orchid (Microsoft Teams, dedicated phone queues, etc.);(Required)
They will upgrade to the final version released to the public.(Required)
They will use the software in accordance with the directions provided by Best Practice Software, in any form, including under the existing Software End User Licence Agreement, and any manual provided by Best Practice Software, in any form;(Required)
They will not reverse compile, reverse engineer, modify, adapt or disassemble the software (except to the extent permitted by law) nor copy the software or any part of it except as necessary for use in accordance with directions given by Best Practice Software, and;(Required)
They will not permit any other person, corporation or entity to have access to the software and/or the intellectual property, without the prior written permission of Best Practice Software.(Required)
Best Practice Software reserves the right to not award the 6,000 credits offered as compensation if any of the above terms and conditions are not met by the Practice.(Required)