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Instant Messaging, Secure Patient Communication

Safe, Secure and Confidential Messaging to Strengthen Your Patient-Practice Relationship.

For Bp Premier, Bp Allied and Bp VIP.net. 

There’s so many reasons Bp SMS is the perfect way to keep in touch with your patients, improve Practice efficiencies and help your bottom line. Integrates seamlessly into your Best Practice Software Management Appointment module – no fuss, no dealing with third parties.

Practice Benefits

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Simplifies patient communications

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Save time and money while greatly reducing the risk of “No-Show” appointments.

Patients can receive valuable appointment reminders direct to their mobile phone

Seamless two-way SMS allows patients to confirm an appointment with a “YES” reply.

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Simple workflows & templates to
automate reminders

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Dedicated Number

You can also have your own dedicated mobile number, to enable your patients to quickly and easily identify that the message is from your Practice. (Available for Australian customers only)

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Tier 1 SMS Provider

Our Bp SMS solution is provided by a Tier 1 SMS Service Provider in Australia and guarantees that all messages are routed onshore, ensuring data remains onshore and security and privacy is not compromised in any way. Key benefits of our solution include:
• has the highest availability and reliability.
• is the most resilient and secure.
• has unparalleled service quality.
• has the quickest delivery through the quickest network.

Watch this short video to learn how Bp SMS seamlessly integrates with your practice management system, can improve patient communication and save your Practice time and money.

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– Clinical communication [01:26]
– Contact notes [02:14]
– Pricing [03:00]
– Data privacy and security [03:20]

Special offer for new Bp SMS Customers
  • Receive Credits for free when you sign up for Bp SMS and buy an SMS pack
  • Simply contact us to receive all the information on Bp SMS for your particular software product – Bp Premier, Bp Allied or Bp VIP.net
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 “At CBD West Medical Centre, we love the Best Practice SMS integration. With Bp SMS we send reminders out the night before and have seen a significant drop in patient no shows. Our staff like that it is highly customisable, so it can meet any of our requirements. Because Bp SMS is integrated into the software there is no transposing phone numbers from a patient record to another software program, so we always get the number correct. Sending an individual SMS to a patient for a recall or sending bulk appointment reminders, it is always quick, efficient and easy to do. Bottom line is that our staff find Bp SMS easy to use and therefore they do use it, which saves time and money”.

Graham Deck
Practice Manager | CBD West Medical Centre

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