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Cloud Radiology is the brainchild of Dr Michael Crouch, a highly skilled and experienced Radiologist who has practised in Brisbane for many years. The company was founded to provide the highest level of patient care to the community, bulk billed where possible, and a swift, accurate and reliable service for all referring clinicians. These goals are achieved by having equipment of only the latest technological specifications and staff specifically chosen for their extensive experience and impressive skillsets.

Appointments are made for patients on the same day or next day basis where possible whilst urgent reports are returned to referrers within the hour (relevant findings directly communicated via phone when able), and all non-urgent reports are returned within 24 hours.

Cloud Radiology is proud to offer the only specialised Women’s Imaging service in the local area with one of the only dedicated and highly experienced Breast Imaging Specialists in the industry. A state-of-the-art 3-D Mammography machine capable of producing high-resolution tomosynthesis imaging for a fraction of the dose of conventional mammography coupled with the latest ultrasound technology provides significantly increased pathology detection. All diagnostic, and procedural work, including FNA and core biopsies, can also be performed on-site.

The other exciting innovation at Cloud Radiology is the only ultra-low dose CT scanning machine in the local area, which provides high-resolution CT imaging of some body regions for doses equivalent to those of a standard x-ray and yield around a 30% increased pathology detection rate. These scans are extremely quick, fully bulk billed and can be performed on a walk-in basis.

All ultrasound examinations can be performed, including biopsies and pain management procedures, and many of these can be bulk billed where Medicare allows. Cloud Radiology also has the only Bone Mineral Densitometry in the Strathpine area. All previous imaging can be obtained from other providers to allow for comparison and follow-up imaging.

Cloud Radiology Services Include:

  • Mammography
  • Ultrasound
  • Ultra-low Dose CT
  • Xray
  • BMD
  • Dental Imaging
  • Echocardiogram

Web: | Email: | Phone: (07) 2112 2000 | Fax: (07) 2112 2001

Location: 11/32 Dixon Street, Strathpine 4500

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30AM to 5:00PM