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Bp Premier Frequently Asked Questions

We sure do! We offer free access to admin and accounting, Practice Managers, Nurses, and IT support.

Yes! Bp Premier is used by over 4000+ allied health practitioners across Australia. In fact, allied health practitioners can access a Bp Premier licence at a lower cost than a full-time or part-time doctor. In addition, admin & account staff, Practice Managers, Nurse Practitioners* and IT Support are able to receive free access to Bp Premier** – for more information contact our Sales team.
*Nurse Practitioners require an allied health licence
**Admin & account staff, Practice Managers, Nurse Practitioners, and IT Support functionality via free access is limited

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Absolutely! To support larger customers, we offer discounts, based on the number of full-time equivalent practitioners, both for single and multi-site customers.   Get in touch with our Sales team for an accurate quote.
Visit our pricing page for more information.

Definitely! Although we’re confident Bp Premier is the perfect solution for your Practice, we want you to also be sure before you commit. We offer a free 90-day trial using a sample database. Please note this isn’t intended for use in a live Practice situation. It excludes functionality which is external to Bp Premier, such as Medicare/DVA claiming, MyHR integration, Prescriptions and ePrescriptions, and Australian Immunisation Register.

Of course! Our talented Training team has developed an easy to follow, interactive demo video that enables you to easily navigate between sections of interest. Get in touch to request access to this demo, and if you have any questions afterwards, don’t hesitate to let our Sales team know – we’ll be happy to assist.

Your Bp Premier License includes unlimited support during business hours, and is provided over the phone by our knowledgeable support team. We also have a range of free support resources available 24/7 in the form of our extensive Knowledge Base, frequent webinars, and video library.

We offer a wide range of training resources. Among these are free options such as our webinars, videos available on our Vimeo video channel, our Knowledge Base library, as well as helpful articles on our Newsroom blog.

If you’d like a more personalised training solution, we offer a range of affordable training options that can be tailored to suit you and your Practice’s needs.

They sure are. Data Updates, which provide you up-to-date PBS, MIMS drug database, medication listings, word processor templates, and MBS / DVA fee data, are released monthly and are available to download directly from our website. We also provide step-by-step instructions on how to apply the updates through extensive documentation on our Knowledge Base to assist with the process.

Bp Premier is an on-premises practice management system that runs on the latest Microsoft Client and Server Operating Systems.

Glad you asked! Our third-party integration network is second to none, and we’re not just saying that! Bp Premier integrates with more than 120 third-party software products to extend the functionality of your practice management system. For a complete list of third-party integrations for Bp Premier click here.

All information transferred between Bp Premier and Microsoft SQL servers is encrypted using 256-bit SSL/HTTPS enterprise-grade technology. To further keep your patient data secure, robust user permissions enable you to control which staff see which data.

The Bp Premier Reporting tool provides access to a range of clinical reports, such as Federal Dept of Health nKPI reports, Rare Disease Stratification Reports, MOH Aboriginal Health Program KPI reports and more. Bp Premier also allows for the export of a range of financial reports to suit your reporting needs.

Yes! Bp Comms is the overall brand for our messaging solution which encompasses Bp SMS and our Best Health App. These services provide a secure, reliable, cost-effective way to send instant, automated messages to patients for communications like appointment reminders, clinical recalls, health summaries, ePrescriptions and health awareness messages.

Our subscriptions are packed with value! When you purchase a licence (or two), you’ll not only have access to the Clinical and Management modules, these other great features are also included:

    • Free access for reception, admin and accounts staff
    • Free monthly database updates
    • Scheduled updates for MBS, DVA and PBS items
    • Free version upgrades when released
    • Subscription to MIMS Online and Murtagh’s Patient Education Guides
    • 24/7 access to the Knowledge Base, a great resource to help with answering any of your questions
    • Access to resources such as free webinars, How-to Tutorials and Quick Reference Guides
    • Contact Bp Premier Support staff between the hours of 7am-6pm AEST Monday to Friday (AEDT applies).

It’s simple and we take a multi-pronged approach to supporting you throughout this process. Learn all about the onboarding, installation, and data migration process here.

You can easily purchase additional licenses to your subscription any time by simply contacting the Sales team. The Sales team can help review your needs, provide a quote, and organise the purchase of additional licences over the phone.  

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