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Clinimetrix (CMx) is an easy-to-use analytics engine that provides information about your practice operations.

Clinimetrix provides a detailed view of financial and clinical metrics for your practice, as well offering practitioner payment solutions, and enables meaningful analysis of the data in simple graphical reports or detailed tables for export.

✨What is unique about Clinimetrix? Reports can be fully customised by the user, the detail offered is down to single consult level if needed and importantly it has proven clinical performance outcomes, all of which can be customised to the unique needs of your practice.

Clinimetrix isn’t new, they have been in the industry for 27 years, using analytics for seven years and have witnessed successful growth and changes in clinics that have leveraged their tool.

Every data picture tells a story, what is yours?

Clinimetrix Features

  • Complex Contractor Payment Management: New for 2023 is the ability to program payments using complex calculations matched to your practice. Our Simple Payroll tool has been around for a couple of years, allowing exports of your practitioner payments in less than 5 clicks. This year we go one step further.
    • In a few clicks, you can export to Microsoft Excel for upload into your accounting software or use an ABA conversion file for simple banking transfers.
    • Note: If you’ve been using a third-party practitioner payments solution, this should allow you to move away from that ongoing cost.
  • Hexalytics [NEW]: Hexalytics provide a quick chart-based report of six Financial and six Clinical outputs allowing users to simply select a date range and view a pre-designed report.
    • Note: Of course, this is still CMx, so clicking on the report will allow the parameters to change and you can deep dive into the data set with only 1 or 2 clicks.
  • Macro Sets: The new macro sets will provide added functionality to CMx to retrieve one click outputs for HA, CDM, DMMR, PSA and other key metrics for your practitioners to use. This allows you to retrieve the results of your practice with a simple click of a button. The macro’s will be based on the most commonly used reports we see and will be updated progressively based on user feedback.
  • Comprehensive Business Intelligence: Understand revenue opportunities, GP billing behaviour, the value of MBS and non-MBS items, trends over time and YoY comparisons.
  • Enhanced Clinical Management: Pathology and prescription tracking, along with diagnostic filter for patients, enable improved chronic disease management and preventative health.
  • Tailored Solution: CMx allows practices to personalise reports based on the dataset found in your practice that fit not your needs. CMx has never been about one size fits all for reporting. This means that you can have deeper insights to clinical/financial metrics of your clinic according to your unique needs.
  • Multi-site connection service: Unlike other platforms that charge per practitioner CMx charges per server connection and user. For practices with many on premise servers this presented a major cost increase. CMx now offers a custom build to allow any number of servers to be reported in a single instance. Saving you money every year.

Clinimetrix Versions

Clinimetrix offer CMx in 4 versions – Complete package, Practitioner Payments, Financial reporting, and Clinical reporting.

Upgrade to CMx Plus
If you are a lover of reports or looking to create some efficiencies for the team – this is the solution.

CMx Plus provides:

  • Daily GP Reports – The daily report is an email sent out everyday to each GP. It includes detailed figures and understanding of:
    • Complete daily and month to date results
    • Previous day billings by patient, item code and invoice value
    • Daily pre-emptive appointment book for CDM and HA items

Want to start small? Kickstart with CMx Financial

Are you looking for a financial analysis software that is simple and manageable? CMx Financial is the perfect choice.

With CMx Financial, you will be able to have a clear overview of the revenue opportunities, understand GP billing behaviour, the value of MBS and non-MBS items, trends over time, Year on Year comparisons etc. You will also be able to have accurate insights to the patient test results.

Interested in exploring this opportunity further?

Find out more on how Clinimetrix can help you build a successful practice and/or to request a demo, please email