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Clinimetrix is the most complete analytics tool available for medical Practices in Australia. This detailed business intelligence platform is designed to enable you to understand all aspects of your business, improve clinical and financial outcomes through patient management.

Clinimetrix is a complete analytics tool that delivers a deeper understanding and the ability to respond to what is happening in real-time in a medical Practice. With an in-depth and detailed view of financial metrics, clinics gain visibility of revenue opportunities, an understanding of GP billing behaviour, the value of MBS and non-MBS items, trends and comparisons, and so much more.

Clinimetrix aids in clinical management with pathology and prescription tracking, as well as diagnostic filters to allow improvement across every aspect of chronic disease management and preventative health.

Clinimetrix Features include:

  • Snapshot of Revenue: Quick analysis of business and practitioner performance for calendar/FY year, month or week to date.
  • Detailed view of Financial Metrics: Understand GP billing behaviour, the value of MBS and non-MBS items, trends over time, year on year comparisons and so much more.
  • Patient Overview & Eligibility for Health assessments/GPMP/TCA: Track progress, improve retention through preventative health services, and focus on high-risk patients.
  • Track & Analyse Item Billing Codes: View all or any item and impacts to the business over time, view specific category of billings such as Telehealth, bulk-billed items and the impact to business, and short vs long consults, bulk vs private billing ratios.
  • Track Clinical Campaigns & Results of your Clinical Programs: View vaccine revenue and quantity (ie: flu season), track impact of patient engagement for specific campaigns.
  • Patient Test Results, Pathology & Prescription Tracking: Track pathology results and prescriptions issued and combine with diagnostic filters for your patients – to improve every aspect of clinical management and preventative health.
  • View Accounts Receivable Data & Unclaimed Funds for Follow-up: Includes overdue Medicare fees to be collected, non-Medicare fees from patients forgetting to pay, and overdue fees from corporate clients.
  • View Revenue per Hour & Patients per Hour: View per GP or Allied Health practitioners by calendar year, FY to date, month to date, week to date.
  • PIP QI Monitoring & Tracking: Track Practice Incentive Program requirements and Shared Health Summary uploads by your GPs.
  • Export Desired Patient Lists Effortlessly for Follow-up: Export patient list in relation to clinical condition, demographics, attendance behaviour or more into an excel file for staff to follow up on.
  • Track Patient Referrals: Track and follow up on which Specialists and Allied Health professionals GPs are referring patients to. Beneficial in monitoring at risk patient behaviour and the relationships with other medical professionals.
  • Develop Patient Retention Strategies with Visibility of Attendance & Frequency: Understand patient behaviour by age, medical condition or activity to create repeatability and attendances to improve community health.