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AutoMed Kiosk – Bp Premier

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AutoMed Online – Bp Premier

autoMed Caler ID – Bp Premier

AutoMed Payment – Bp Premier

AutoMed Concierge – Bp Premier

AutoMed is bringing patient care, administration and reception functions into the digital age, providing not just technological tools, but a holistic approach to improving the experience of health care. AutoMed was founded by Dr Peter Demaio, with 43 years in General Practice, as a response to the challenges faced by practices in Australia including a federal government rebate freeze and building pressure on staff and patients alike. Integral to AutoMed’s ethos is a deep understanding of how patients, doctors and staff could improve their interaction and efficiency, and how technology can be used to enable it. Save reception time:
  • Online Appointments and Mobile App with complex booking options, including multiple resources and upfront payments
  • Caller identification instantly identifying patients, their last doctor seen and recall alerts
  • 5 second auto check-in kiosks with data verification
  • Paperless new patient registrations and patient consent forms
  • Billing kiosks with invoice creation
Reduce costs and Increase revenue:
  • Reduce the number of reception hours required per patient
  • No cost for new patients via online appointments
  • Reduce paper and postage using digital registrations and consent forms and minimising mail merges
  • Marketing campaigns using fixed cost messaging and emails
  • Reduce staff stress improving staff retention
  • Increase repeat visits with automated recall reminders, results and campaign messaging
  • Increase your practice reach with accessible Telehealth and Online Repeat Script features with auto-payment.
Improve patient loyalty:
  • Patients access your services directly rather than via a 3rd party account, reducing duplicate files and “shopping around” for 1st available doctors
  • Comprehensive and professional messaging with appropriate information and necessary links for all New Patients, Appointment Confirmation’s and Reminders, Clinical Reminders and Results.
  • Keep patients informed of new services and health information with SMS and Email Campaigns
Improved Accreditation Compliance:
  • Advanced reporting tools
  • Compliant communication and messaging solutions
  • Patient feedback tools
Join the revolution in practice management by using technology to tackle the challenges of efficiency, staff morale, high patient turnover and decreasing profit margins. AutoMed offers a free 1-month trial on individual services –