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3DAnatomica – Your partner in visual and interactive healthcare information.

There is a building body of research which supports the retention of medical information and health literacy when delivered via animation. Healthcare providers can significantly influence the health literacy demands placed on people through the way they communicate and present health information.

3DAnatomica is a medical media company with over 20 years experience in the production of ‘best in class’ medical media for communication of complex health information, using 3D & 360 animations. 3DAnatomica has developed a unique platform hosting interactive educational media, showcasing anatomical models in ground breaking 3D technology. It’s a first in interactive learning.

The 3DA interactive content is accurate and is housed in a fully functional self-contained application covering the essential anatomy of the human body, with functioning organs and demonstrations of the effects of disease and treatment.

Given the increasing demands being placed on healthcare providers for the delivery of health information and services, the 3DA Clinic program is highly applicable to doctor, in that it assists the delivery of health information via easy to understand animation and also as follow-up, hard copy fact sheets or links. The animations are delivered via desktop and in early 2020 via smart-tablet also.

3DA Application Features include;
• Interactive labelling and annotation
• 360º viewing
• Draw and highlight functions
• Share, print and save functions
• Augmented Reality (AR)
• Fact sheets
• Online and offline use

3DAnatomica – partnering with you to help make a difference.