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Nutrition Plus Enterprises provides Bp Premier users with over 150 new dietary education factsheets for use with your clients. 

Nutrition Plus is a team of dietitians who specialise in reproductive conditions, fertility, pregnancy, postpartum and paediatrics.

Dietitian and Company founder Melanie McGrice said “For years the media asked me what we could do about the rising rates of obesity, the diabetes epidemic, the soaring rates of food allergies… I have an answer!  Research has found that what a man and women eat in the lead up to conception, what she eats during pregnancy and breast-feeding, and what they feed their little one in the first few years of life, impact genetic programming.  By helping people to eat well during this 1000 days, we can finally start reining in the tsunami of chronic disease”.

Unfortunately many people eat worse than ever during this important time.  “The stress of trying to conceive or of being pregnant can cause people to turn to emotional eating” McGrice explains.  Furthermore, lethargy and nausea caused by hormonal fluctuations when taking IVF medications or pregnancy can cause people to turn to highly processed, nutrient-poor junk foods.  “People think that if they’re taking a pregnancy supplement, they’ve got nutrition covered.  Supplements are there to supplement a healthy diet, not to replace it”.

Amongst other resources for health professionals, Nutrition Plus run free quarterly webinars.  The next webinar (February 2020) is on the management of IBS during pregnancy.  Perth dietitian, Christie Austine-Hore who will be speaking on the webinar explained “Rates of IBS increase during pregnancy.  This can cause mothers-to-be to cut out essential food groups and compromise their pregnancy nutrition”.

With over thirty specialised dietitians around Australia and New Zealand (and growing), their dietitians are the best people to see when it comes to providing nutrition advice for fertility or pregnancy.  Nutrition Plus dietitians provide workshops, online programs and personalised consultations for patients trying to conceive, pregnant or postpartum.

For more information see or to save your complimentary seat for their next webinar, see (please note that spots are limited, so please book early).