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Surgical Partners

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Surgical Partners is the only Australian company that offers a complete end-to-end financial management solution designed specifically for healthcare practices and their doctors.  

Surgical Partners integrates Best Practice with all leading accounting systems, giving you unprecedented ability to:

  • Automate and simplify the medical reconciliation process, making it faster and easier
  • Automate Doctor pay calculations, providing transparency for specialists and practice managers
  • Access real-time financial information, for making timely business decisions
  • All without having to learn any new software – the invisible engine works in the background

The benefits reach all areas of your Practice. 

For Practice Owners

  • Get clarity & oversight of your P&L to put you in control of your cashflow
  • Avoid financial errors, risk & fraud through our automated processing & reconciliations, so you can be confident your business is operating as it should
  • Reduce the time and expense your staff spend on manual reconciliations, trying to match your bank statements with PMS records & then splitting income into doctor distributions & practice fees
  • Improve recruitment and retention of Doctors in the practice by taking the friction out of their personal financial management.

For Practice Staff

  • No more being buried in spreadsheets.  The invisible engine works behind the scenes to give you accurate, reliable financial reports without all the effort.  
  • Receive daily electronic reconciliations between bank records & PMS transactions, so you no longer have the frustrating task of matching these up manually
  • Create automated fee splitting of billings into facility fees and doctor payments, so you have peace of mind everyone is being paid what they’re supposed to be.
  • Eliminates data re-entry, manual reconciliations and the mind-numbing mis-match between financial records.

For Doctors

  • Doctors get automated, complete, trustworthy & accurate view of their billings, so they know exactly what they’ve earned at any point in time
  • Complete and transparent audit trail means doctors can be confident they are being paid accurately
  • Real-time view of their earnings, live at any time (via DoctorHub mobile app)