How to Avoid Surprises When Upgrading Bp Premier

With Active Ingredient Prescribing just around the corner, it’s important that your Practice considers upgrading Bp Premier to Saffron as soon as possible.

We’ve made some great improvements to Bp Premier over the years. However, if you’re upgrading to Saffron from an older version, some of these improvements could impact your Practice in ways that you may not have anticipated.

Avoid any surprises when you upgrade by checking out our Bp Premier upgrade guides. Covering all versions of Bp Premier back to Summit, our upgrade guides will step you through all major changes in Bp Premier up to, and including, Saffron.

Each version of Bp Premier has its own unique, tailored upgrade guide, to ensure you’re only getting the information that’s relevant to your Practice.

Changes to Bp Premier are broken down into four categories:

  • Workflows changes: Major workflow changes that, in many cases, must be incorporated, or at least considered, once using a new version.
  • Watch-outs for staff: Not necessarily a change of workflow but things that might throw staff off, such as warnings or new prompts that should be addressed in staff education.
  • Quick wins: New features or updates that require little change management to incorporate – some helpful bonuses.
  • Long term benefits: New features or updates that offer significant strategic or procedural benefit, but would likely require planned changed process.

Further resources are also provided for each new feature where possible. These include links to relevant quick reference guides, masterclass videos, and Knowledge Base articles, ensuring you have everything you need to get up to speed with what’s new in Bp Premier, regardless of which version you’re updating from.

To ensure a smooth upgrade, you can also check out our upgrade checklist, which provides important information about the upgrade process, including system requirements, and steps to follow before, during, and after the upgrade. A list of all permissions, user preferences and configuration settings added since Summit is also included.

A list of links, from our upgrade checklist through to upgrade guides for each version of Bp Premier are provided below. These links provide you with a downloadable PDF for easy reference.

Upgrade Checklist

Upgrade from:

Summit to Saffron

Lava to Saffron

Lava SP1 to Saffron

Lava SP3 to Saffron

Indigo to Saffron

Indigo SP1 to Saffron

Indigo SP2 to Saffron

Jade to Saffron

Jade SP1 to Saffron

Jade SP2 to Saffron

Jade SP3 to Saffron

Jade SP4 to Saffron

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