Electronic Prescriptions Have Landed in Bp Saffron!

With the release of Saffron, it’s a good time to review the latest changes to Electronic Prescriptions in Bp Premier, and provide an update on the enablement materials that exist for both Jade and Saffron users. With all of the changes to Electronic Prescribing and Bp Premier over the last six months, the documentation team have been busy updating our materials to keep providing the latest information for our users in the Bp Premier Knowledge Base.

Enabling Electronic Prescribing

If you’re running Jade SP3 or Jade SP4 and you haven’t yet enabled Electronic Prescribing, the good news is that the January Data Update (available from our resources page) automatically activates Electronic Prescribing for Bp Premier. You don’t need to download a utility and check your postcode; all you need to do is run the January Data Update, if you haven’t already.

After you run the January update, you’ll still need to switch on Electronic Prescribing in Bp Premier Configuration for your Practice and the providers who will be using it, but this is simply a case of ticking a checkbox.

If you’ve already upgraded to Saffron, congratulations – you’ve already activated Electronic Prescribing!

Any configuration you had in Jade SP3 or SP4 will be carried through after your upgrade. Just resume issuing Electronic Prescriptions with no changes to what you’re doing now.

Finding Information About Electronic Prescribing

The documentation team has updated all of our existing materials and FAQs to do with Electronic Prescribing systems in Bp Premier, with new guidance on:

  • Supported states and territories
  • Can I send a token directly to pharmacies?
  • The prerequisites to successfully send a token
  • Cancelling sent and unsent tokens.

If you’re running version Jade, select Help > Online in Bp Premier and search for ‘Electronic Prescribing’ in the search bar. You’ll see our updated articles on Setting up electronic scripts, an industry FAQ, a Masterclass FAQ with Q&As from our users, and an introduction to Electronic Prescribing How-to for new starters.

If you’ve upgraded to Saffron, it’s even easier! Select Help > Online and click the Electronic Prescribing tile to open the new Saffron Series learning resources page for Electronic Prescribing in Saffron.

While you’re there, click on the other New Feature tiles to view learning resources for all of the other many, many features that come with Saffron, including Active Ingredient Prescribing.

What’s New for Electronic Prescriptions in Saffron?

Electronic Prescribing in Bp Premier has been updated in Saffron to seamlessly integrate with Bp Comms functionality, including sending tokens to the Best Health App. Electronic Prescriptions can now automatically generate a contact note that is recorded in a patient’s contact record with the Practice, with no additional action required by the provider.

In the same vein, more information about electronic script activity is recorded in the Bp Premier audit log, for troubleshooting and Practice peace of mind.

Just like Jade, the Saffron Knowledge Base features FAQs from both industry and our own users. Remember that our FAQs will be updated after the Saffron Series overview and FAQ sessions running the week starting January 18, in response to the questions that you, our users, are asking, so keep checking back if you have questions about Saffron and electronic prescribing.

At the bottom of every article in our Knowledge Base is a feedback box, so if you can’t find what you’re looking for, ask for it! Our documentation team checks feedback daily in the weeks following a release, and will action queries as fast as we can.

Welcome to Saffron!

Authored by:

Jay Rose - Bp Software

Jay Rose
Technical Writer at Best Practice Software

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