Solving the Healthcare Interoperability Crisis: Halo Connect

Best Practice Software congratulates Halo Connect on its launch as it brings to market a modern cloud-based interoperability platform designed for clinical software. In a vote of confidence for the emerging platform, Best Practice Software is pleased to announce a significant investment in the company. 

Halo Connect will provide Best Practice Premier integrators with a single integration point that allows health data to be accessed safely and securely in real-time via an API. The financial investment will allow Halo Connect to supercharge development of a modern cloud-based API that conforms to industry standard FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources).

Chris Smeed, Halo Connect founder, commented, “In building and scaling healthcare start-up “Cubiko”, I came to realise that data analysis leads to better patient outcomes and improved financial sustainability of medical practices. But the data was difficult to unlock, and not many of the software systems would speak to each other. We built Halo Connect to solve this issue.”

This investment represents a significant step in the evolution of the Bp Partner Network and provides assurance around accessing real-time and accurate health information for both patients and integration partners across the current and future cloud products.  

Founder and CEO of Best Practice Software, Dr Frank Pyefinch, said, “with the speed at which digital health is progressing towards omnichannel patient-centred healthcare, providing reliable, quality, secure, and real-time access to patient records is more important than ever.” 

Dr Frank Pyefinch commented, “Best Practice is excited to work with Chris and the Halo Connect team to bring the first ever Best Practice API to market and with the investment will provide a rapid boost to the Best Practice interoperability roadmap as well as the future of interoperability in Australia.”

The introduction of Halo Connect will simplify partner integrations with Bp Premier and cloud platforms, creating a single integration point. The platform will create efficiencies in the provision of partner support and may reduce development costs incurred by partners in the design and development of their tools. Medical practices will benefit from their software providers being able to seamlessly integrate and reduce any unwanted stress on their on-premise infrastructure as well as equipping them for future cloud migrations.  

After a successful beta program across Cubiko customers, work is currently underway to deliver key interoperability projects with Aged Care and Acute Care partners, with the aim to make Halo Connect available to all Best Practice Software partners in October 2022. 

For software vendors interested in integrating with Best Practice and the soon-to-be-available Halo Connect, Best Practice Software offers a Partner Network program. To find out more information on how to apply, please contact  

Best Practice Software and Halo Connect look forward to working with industry partners to provide a seamless API that progresses standards and integrations.  

If you’re interested in joining the waitlist for Halo Connect’s cloud-based APIs for Best Practice, sign up here.

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