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eOrdering – Orchid SP1 Changes

Thanks to the availability of eOrdering, clinicians can provide their patients with a paperless option when ordering pathology and diagnostic imaging services. eOrders are transmitted securely from Bp Premier via your secure messaging provider directly to the Diagnostic Imaging and Pathology providers’ information systems.

eOrdering functionality has kept up to date with the fast-shifting demands of clinical treatment over the past decade, thanks to ongoing improvements. In Saffron SP1, Diagnostic Imaging and Pathology eOrdering was updated, and there is now a simplified method for configuring pathology and diagnostic imaging providers in Bp Premier, thanks to the launch of our new Enhanced eOrdering. 


E-Ordering: Benefits for Your Practice from Bp Learning on Vimeo.

Changes to Enhanced eOrdering in Bp Premier Orchid

In Bp Premier Orchid, legacy eOrdering will have the following functionality:

·        Legacy eOrder providers configured in previous versions will continue to have the functionality to generate eOrders.

·        Legacy eOrder providers cannot be added or configured through the Contacts window.

o   New eOrder providers must be added through the Setup eOrdering screen.

o   If a legacy eOrder provider needs to be configured, they should be merged with the respective record in the Setup eOrdering screen if the provider has joined the Partner Network.

Bp Premier version Orchid is undergoing extensive beta testing and will be available soon.

Upcoming Changes to Enhanced eOrdering in Bp Premier Orchid Service Pack 1

In Bp Premier Orchid Service Pack 1, legacy eOrdering functionality will be fully removed. In this version, legacy eOrder providers will no longer generate eOrders. Only providers configured through the Setup eOrdering screen will have the functionality to generate eOrders.

What Do I Need to Do to Prepare for the Changes in Orchid SP1?

We suggest that you check your current pathology or diagnostic imaging eOrder providers to see if they have joined the Bp Partner Network. To view the list of current Bp eOrdering Partners, select Help > Online from inside Bp Premier to open the online knowledge base, and search for ‘Bp eOrdering Partners’.

Choose the scenario that best describes your enhanced eOrdering configuration in Bp Premier for information on how to prepare for the changes in Bp Premier Orchid:

ScenarioActions Required
My Practice has never used eOrdering, and we would like to enable this. How?We recommend contacting your preferred diagnostic imaging and pathology providers directly to discuss the implementation of eOrdering at your Practice.
My Practice currently uses eOrdering but the diagnostic imaging or pathology provider is not available in the list to merge.

If your Practice currently transmits eOrders, before you upgrade to Orchid, we strongly recommend you confirm that the pathology or diagnostic imaging providers you transmit eOrders to have joined the Bp Partner Network and are available for configuration in the Setup eOrdering screen.


If any of the eOrdering service providers that your Practice uses have not yet joined the Bp Partner Network, we advise getting in touch with them to find out if they are aware of the changes and have spoken to the Best Practice Commercial Partnerships team about joining the Bp Partner Network before the release of Bp Premier Orchid Service Pack 1.

My Practice currently uses eOrdering, and the diagnostic imaging or pathology provider appears in the list; however, we haven’t merged these contacts yet.If you have any eOrdering providers configured in Bp Premier through the legacy method and have confirmed they are on the Partner Network, we recommend using the merge functionality in the eOrdering Setup screen to merge contacts. This must be done before upgrading to Orchid SP1.
We are already using eOrdering; we have confirmed the providers we use are in the list, and we have merged the contacts. Do we need to do anything?Your Practice is configured for eOrdering, and no further action is required.

Testing eOrdering

Once you’ve enabled eOrdering, be sure to test the eOrder generation from both the Bp Premier server and a client machine. Information on how to test is available from the Bp Premier Knowledge Base.

Need More Information?

Not a worry!

For more information on how to merge eOrder providers and test and troubleshoot eOrdering setup, select Help > Online from inside Bp Premier to open the online knowledge base, and search for ‘merge eOrdering’.

Need Further Assistance?

As always, help is available! If you need assistance with anything related to eOrdering, or any other enquiries, our Support team are available via phone or email.

You can contact our Software Support team on 1300 40 1111 (Australia) and select Bp General Products (Option 1/1) on the menu or by emailing us at

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