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There is Art to Medicine – As Well As Science

“Most especially must I tread with care, in matters of life and death”. 

Painted across the Woondooma Street side of the Best Practice Software building, the cursive script reads like an excerpt from an 18th-century poem.

Art to Medicine Blog Best Practice Software Bundaberg Mural PhotoWhen questioned on the Hippocratic Oath, many people will quote the quintessential phrase where the physician promises ‘first do no harm’. One of the more poetic lines from the Oath, however, which very few people would recognise, encourages those in medical practice to, ‘remember that there is art to medicine, as well as science.’

Just like in any other form of art, there is a need for creativity and individuality. Healthcare professionals must be able to apply their generalised knowledge to the specific needs of each individual patient.  In this way, the art of medicine includes both the science of medicine and the ability to apply that science in a way that meets the needs of each patient. 

This is something Best Practice Software founders Dr. Frank and Lorraine Pyefinch know intimately having both worked in healthcare. As a General Practitioner Dr. Pyefinch understands that, “there is an art to medicine, and it starts with understanding the patient.” Quote Best Practice Software is proud to share our special story in the format of this hand-painted mural, which celebrates the story of how Dr Frank & Lorraine Pyefinch developed and grew the idea of creating an electronic medical practice record into one of Australasia’s most successful Health Technology   groups. Lorraine Pyefinch shares that the mural illustrates, “the transformation from when doctors had to write everything by hand to a more modern use of automation and technology.” But above all else, it represents the spirit of innovation and its personal connectedness with Health Practitioners and Patients.

In collaboration with the vision of Best Practice Software, the artwork’s bespoke design has been created by local artists Mark Terry, Nicole Wone, and Taylor Klaasen , who incorporated several specific elements relating to both the heritage of Best Practice Software and the First Nations People upon whose land the Operations Hub resides.

Evolution was a metaphor and inspiration for the process. To each of the artists, evolution represented something different. For Mark, the goal was to illustrate, ‘how we are all connected through shared human experiences such as life and death’ which is depicted in the changing leaves across the wall.

Best Practice Software Mural Sun ImageNicole, as a local Gooreng Gooreng and Bundaburra Yidinji Woman, wanted to “give an Indigenous perspective to the story of the mural.” She brought to life the “Ginmine” (the Sun) as the giver of all life, with science providing its connection to evolution on Earth, and spiritually how it explores and brings light to unseen energies in all living animals and plants. She also incorporated a tribute to the Rainbow Serpent for the significance it plays in creation and the stunning imagery of the beginning of time and greater movement in the cosmos.


Throughout the mural are intricate and delicate patterns woven in by Taylor, which reflect the flow of energy and how everything is interconnected. To her, evolution, “represents change and how the world really works. Everyone is always changing.” These unique patterns demonstrate the individual journey that each person takes in their lifetime.   

Best Practice Software Mural Bird ImageDr & Mrs Pyefinch’s personal stamp on the quality and interoperability of our software products is represented by the mathematical symbol for “Pi” and the Finch bird (together, as Pyefinch), which soars high above. The Finch connects life between the earth and the sun, and how DNA strands interconnect all we do in supporting Healthcare Practitioners 

The mural is a visual representation of how far we’ve come as an organisation, and how our core values have remained the same throughout our evolution – to make a real difference in healthcare. We believe that art has an important role to play in both our personal and professional lives, and we hope that this mural will inspire creativity, connection and pride in all who see it. 

Thank you for being part of our story! 

Learn more about the Bundaberg Mural, and the meaning behind it, here.

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