Cubiko Multisite is Coming Soon! Aggregated Reporting for Multiple Practices

Owning and managing a practice is no easy feat, let alone managing multiple practices. Without the proper tools and technologies gathering and analysing data to gain insight into how your practice group is performing is tedious work.

Best Practice gold partner, Cubiko, is excited to announce their new product Cubiko Multisite. Aggregated reporting for multisite practices.

Cubiko is a Practice Intelligence Platform, bringing together over 500 data points for your practice in easy-to-understand dashboards for business insight, increased billings and less stress in managing the practice.

The intelligent business reporting within Cubiko Multisite identifies your top-performing practices and helps you discover areas for improvement. It allows you to gain an understanding of your practice group’s billings and where they are coming from. Additionally, it allows you to identify opportunities to increase revenue and efficiencies across your practice group.

Speaking on the announcement of Cubiko Multisite, Co-founder and CEO Chris Smeed, said, “Cubiko Multisite is an exciting opportunity for the industry to have aggregated data across multiple practices. Cubiko helps you achieve oversight across multiple practices. With over 30 years of combined experience in practice management, the Cubiko team understand how difficult it can be to gain insight into what’s happening in your practice. We’ve created Cubiko, to make practice life easier for you.”

Anyone using Bp Premier, Version Jade and above can click through to the Cubiko website directly from Bp Premier, by clicking on the Cubiko Icon located in the top bar.

Cubiko Button in Bp Premier Screenshot

Book a demo to learn more about Cubiko Multisite or sign up for their free product, Cubiko Assist.

This article was written and contributed by our partner, Cubiko. Click here to visit their profile on the Best Practice Software Partner Network.

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