Building Upon Bp Premier with Development Services

Before prescribing software became commonplace, general practitioners would spend much of their consultation writing out patients’ prescriptions on paper – but the thought of a GP doing this for all their consultations now is a distant memory. Prescribing software like Bp Premier enables doctors to create prescriptions with just a few clicks and take advantage of features like automatic checking for drug interactions.

Workflows such as prescribing, requesting and reviewing pathology investigations for patients, and sending appointment reminders are universal to medical Practices, so they are well-supported in off-the-shelf software like Bp Premier. Our software enables Practices to report on their doctors’ billings so that they can be paid appropriately, and view various statistics useful for running a Practice.

But many Practices have unique requirements for workflows or data extraction that cannot be catered for in off-the-shelf software. For example, producing an extract of client information for a specialised piece of third-party software your Practice uses, reporting in a specific format to a third party other than Medicare (for example, a private contract), or exporting data to a business intelligence package for your Practice. For Practices handling these steps manually via data entry, spreadsheets or even paper, time spent on this may quickly add up.

Medical Practices without an in-house IT team (or even those with an in-house team) may require a Bp Premier expert to assist with custom workflows or data requirements in a more automated fashion. Best Practice Software’s Development Services team is available to build custom reports, integrations or software addons for your Practice, to help you really get the most out of Bp Premier. The team has many years’ experience and intimate knowledge of Bp Premier, including how the product supports your business every day. They are best placed to advise you on how to meet any custom requirements your Practice may have.

This team draws on their knowledge and expertise to develop queries, templates and reporting functionality to enhance the application while still utilising its key functions within your clinic. Our business analysis and software development expertise will allow us to manage your project from inception through to completion, and our services are competitively priced. We can reduce double handling of data, additional data entry and other points of friction within your Practice’s specialised processes through customised reports and software to meet your Practice’s needs.

How Our Development Services Team Can Assist

For Practices without specialised database administration resources to manage their Bp Premier server, we can also provide assistance with proactive performance optimisation and regular maintenance to keep your Bp Premier database running smoothly and efficiently. We can also assist Practices when converting from another system to ours, when Practices merge and require one database, or if a Practice wishes to extract a subset of data into another Bp Premier instance. These are all part of our Premium Conversions service.
Our Development Services team has successfully partnered with Practices on:

  • Custom integrations to retrieve data from, and store data in, third party systems, removing manual work required by the Practice to update these systems
  • Custom reports and data extractions for Practices with various specialties who need to track patients with certain conditions and procedures
  • Assisting Practices’ IT teams with migration of their databases to a new hosting provider
  • Assisting multi-site Practices who have sold one of their sites to another provider with extracting data specific to that site to be provided to the buyer
  • Regular maintenance on a Practice’s database to boost performance

Depending on what your Practice requires, our services can be quoted at an hourly rate, or a fixed price for your project. If your Practice is looking for a way to enhance its processes, data analysis, clinic templates or reporting, speak to our team today – you can contact us at

Authored by:

Thomas Clarke

Thomas Clarke
Project Manager for Innovation and Development at Best Practice Software

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