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Video: The Charges Screen in Bp

This Be In The Know webinar will cover the Charges Screen in Bp

The webinar will cover the following topics:
(Drag the progress bar in the video below to jump to a specific section)

– Navigating around the Charges screen [00:52]
– The Provider charge screens [04:29]
– Billing per provider [06:39]
– The function buttons at the bottom of the screen [08:09]
– Setting up Item Fees for private items [10:24]
– Looking at the set up of MBS items and copying MBS items [15:09]
– Billing Protocols [19:44]
– Working with Feescalers [21:28]
– Working with Subsidisers [25:39]
– Updating fees [26:55]
– Assistance Fees – Australia Only [29:18]
– Scaling – Australia Only [31:22]

Watch the video and join our expert trainer, Jo Monson, to learn about the Charges Screen in Bp!

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