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The Value of a Business Analyst – from the Product Management Team

Business Analyst is one of those job titles that you hear often, but many people aren’t really sure what it is that they do exactly. So if you’re left scratching your head when you hear the term, don’t worry – you’re certainly not alone.

A Business Analyst is someone who uses analysis to help guide organisations in the pursuit of improving their processes, products and services through the use of technology. We are the people who work in the background, ensuring that the technology you use every single day works seamlessly; we try to ensure that no matter the system you engage with, you are provided with a convenient and efficient user experience.

A day in the life of a Business Analyst often involves using a range of different software packages, each of which are integral to the success of our projects. Just as important, is the feedback and enhancement requests we receive directly from Best Practice Software customers.

Traditionally, a Business Analyst also acts as a conduit between business streams, Product Managers and Development teams to capture, define and translate business requirements in preparation for a development cycle. It is crucial that we understand the granular details of each potential business decision, and are able to translate how proposed changes could impact our products, processes and services. It is then our responsibility to present our findings to leadership and decision-making bodies, who will decide on the viability of these findings. If approved, it will find its way into our release cycle.

On a personal note, the work I find most challenging in e-health is distinguishing between clinical and non-clinical needs of our customers. Understanding this part of the process isn’t always easy, nor is it straight forward, and that can create a lot of ambiguity. This is where a Business Analyst shines; by applying analysis in a ‘grey area’ situation. The analysis we submit helps Best Practice Software make informed decisions to improve their products, processes and services for health Practices; it also helps the project team to improve communication, which is a win-win for all involved!

One of the most interesting things about working at Best Practice Software is understanding the ecosystems and product integrations within our e-health solutions. From a Business Analyst perspective, the health industry is one that is fast-paced and rapidly evolving as a result of becoming increasingly competitive. Competition breeds opportunity, and the prospect of improved systems and technology is one that is deeply exciting.

There is an immense sense of pride in being part of the Best Practice Software team, especially as the world is fighting to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic, which is proving to be one of the most significant health crises of the modern era. The project team at Best Practice recognises the importance of effective technology solutions for Practices during this time, and we are working very hard to provide our customers with telehealth products and services, so that they can provide their patients with the best quality ‘contactless’ care.

Authored by:
Joanne Burton
Business Analyst at Best Practice Software
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