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Bp Premier Orchid SP1 Revision 1 –

Please refer to the Bp Premier Orchid SP1 Revision 1 Release Notes for a full list of changes and enhancements within this version.

Orchid Service Pack 1 Revision 1 includes security enhancements to mitigate the risk of unauthorised access to the Bp Premier database without limiting functionality for your practice to access your own data.
Before upgrading to Orchid SP1 Revision 1, review all third-party database access used in your practice to see whether you may be impacted. This includes your practice’s use of the BP Browser password, third-party software for online appointment booking, data analysis and reporting tools, medical devices that connect to the Bp Premier database, or any software or hardware that connects to the database and reads or writes information into Bp Premier. To learn more, click here.

You must have the December 2023 data update or later installed before you upgrade to

  1. Back up your Bp Premier database before running the upgrade.
  2. Synchronise all workstations in remote database mode with the Bp Premier server before you upgrade.
  3. Download and run the latest Drug Update on your Bp Premier server computer.
  4. Log all users out of the server and all clients before you upgrade.
  5. Download and run the update on your server and all clients.
  6. Log back in to Bp Premier and resume use.

If you are unfamiliar with applying Bp Premier updates, the following Knowledge base article explains how to download an update from this site.

Please see the links below for further guidance:

Orchid System Requirements

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