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Changes to Reporting Vaccination Encounters to AIR – March 2024

Time is of the essence as the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) gears up for significant changes being implemented from 1 March 2024. These changes are aimed at enhancing the accuracy and completeness of the immunisation data AIR holds, and it’s imperative that everyone involved in the process is well-informed.

AIR records crucial information about vaccines administered to Australians throughout their lives. This includes COVID-19 vaccines, those under the National Immunisation Program (NIP), as well as privately administered vaccines such as those for seasonal influenza or travel.

The following changes will apply to AIR submissions where the vaccination provider serves as both the immunisation and information provider:

  • Mandatory Vaccine Type Selection for Selected Vaccines:
    Specifying the vaccine type will be mandatory for selected vaccines administered from 1 March 2024. This includes Antenatal, NIP/Commonwealth, private, or state program vaccines.
  • Mandatory Route of Administration for Selected Vaccines:
    Indicating the Route of Administration will be compulsory for selected vaccines administered on or after 1 March 2024.
  • Mandatory Batch Numbers for Selected Vaccines:
    Reporting the Batch Number for selected vaccines administered will be mandatory from 1 March  2024.

Given the rapidly approaching 1 March deadline, it is imperative that all vaccination providers familiarise themselves with these new mandatory reporting requirements and take immediate action to upgrade your clinical software to the most recently released version. Your software vendor is here to help so don’t delay – upgrade now to avoid any disruptions to your practice or your patients.

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