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A Discussion With the Talking HealthTech Podcast on Active Ingredient Prescribing

Talking HealthTech is a large and interactive community of healthcare technology providers for Australian healthcare professionals.

The podcast’s host, Peter Birch, has more than 15 years experience in healthcare technology leadership roles, and began the Talking HealthTech podcast in November 2018 as a personal project born out of his passion for healthcare technology. It has now grown to be his sole endeavour, and he recently recorded his 100th episode. This isn’t the first time Best Practice Software has featured in an episode of the podcast; Peter interviewed Best Practice Software founders, Dr. Frank and Lorraine Pyefinch, for episode 23 in November 2019.

Recently, Peter reached out to Best Practice Software and invited us to take part in an episode discussing the changes to Active Ingredient Prescribing, which began on February 1st – the episode is aptly titled: Active Ingredient Prescribing: The myths, legends and reality.

Featured on the Talking HealthTech episode was a panel comprised of Frank and Lorraine Pyefinch, Clinical Advisor Dr. Fabrina Hossain, and Product Manager Will Durnford.

The episode provided listeners with a wealth of knowledge around what Active Ingredient Prescribing is, how Practices have been affected, the exceptions that exist, and what prompted the change to open the way for this new method of prescribing.

Listen to the Active Ingredient Prescribing episode of Talking HealthTech featuring Best Practice Software using the player below, or check out the full show notes from the episode here.

If you found this episode interesting, you can listen to more episodes at the Talking HealthTech podcast page.

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